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Picasso Metal Garden Gate - 4ft High

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Picasso Metal Garden Gate - 4ft High

The Picasso 4ft High Metal Garden Gate is available to buy onine in various sizes. Suitable for modern and traditional properties, it features eye-catching circular scrolls coupled with ball top finials to ensure visual appeal, whilst the sturdy framework and infill bars provide years of durability.

Please allow approximately 4 - 5 weeks lead time for delivery of this product.

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The 4ft High Picasso Metal Garden Gate will increase the privacy and security of your garden without detracting from its beauty. This lovely garden gate design has a unique look thanks to the circular metal details and classical ball top finials, making it ideal for many modern homes. It includes surface-mounted hinges and a universal fitting as standard. The gate is available for online purchase in sizes that suit openings spanning 2 feet 6 inches up to 4 feet.

Picasso 4ft High Modern Garden Gate Specification

  • Suitable for a variety of modern architectural styles.

  • It is manufactured in the UK by skilled craftsmen.

  • 20mm x 8mm metal framework, 10mm infill bars and 10mm x 3mm circular scrolls.

  • The timeless ball top finials add a subtle yet practical finishing detail.

  • We include adjustable surface-mounted hinges and a universal latch mechanism as standard.

  • Suitable for left or right-handed installations.

  • The Picasso gate has a black primer undercoat applied during fabrication. Additional treatment of all metal surfaces is required before installation to provide adequate protection against rust and corrosion.


Height (once installed)

  • 1220mm (4ft) + finials



Ordering Sizes

  • Width (Fits Opening): These dimensions denote the required distance between your current posts or walls. The necessary space for the latch and hinge components is included in the measurements, so there is no need to make additional calculations for these elements.

  • Height: This measurement denotes the distance from the ground to the top of the framework, with a 50mm provision for ground clearance. The finials that rise over this level are not included in the measurement.

Visit the measuring guide if you need help with ordering sizes

Example Ordering Size

If the distance between the walls is 760mm, select "fits opening 760mm" from the drop-down selection.

Do You Need Metal Posts?

To attach the hinges or latch, you must include metal posts if an existing support structure is unavailable. Please check that sufficient space is available for these components if these items are needed.

Example: A total width of 860mm is required for a gate that "fits an opening of 760mm" + 2 x 50mm posts.



Do You Require Additional Details & Guidance?

Extra help is available on the buying guide, frequently asked questions, and installation instructions page. You can also use our simple measuring guide if you are unsure what sizes to order. Otherwise, please get in touch with us using the enquiry form if you require further information.

Made to measure sizes are available - View the full details here

There is also a wealth of helpful information on our website. The pages below contain some of our favourite help articles.



Essential Information About the 4ft High Picasso Metal Garden Gate

Fittings: The kit includes a receiver plate that may be attached to posts or walls, two surface-mounted adjustable hinges, and a universal latch mechanism. You will need to obtain the screws needed to affix these pieces to the surface of your preference independently because they are not included in the purchase.

Metal Posts: When installing metal posts, choose the proper type. Always use concrete to anchor in-ground posts and make sure they are level.

Installation: Before you begin the installation, ensure the structure to which the fittings are attached can handle them. Mounting the latch and hinge demands that you use the correct screws, as recommended in the installation instructions.

Width: The "fits opening" dimension indicates the opening size or gap that must exist for the gate to fit. The space needed for the latch and hinge components is included in these specifications. They do not indicate the physical width of the gate. Please see our instructions on choosing the proper size if you require additional clarification.

Painting: To prevent unwanted rust or corrosion of the steel, you must paint the Picasso gate before installing it. Alternatively, you can select zinc-plated (electro-galvanized) and black powder-coated paint finishes for an additional cost.

Measuring guide diagram


Hinge and latch component layout diagram



Refer to the measuring guide if you don`t know what size to order

We can offer additional items to enhance this gate design or aid your installation.