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Monaco Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Railings

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Monaco Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Railings

The Monaco Metal Railings have a contemporary style with an arched top rail, circular scrollwork, and simple infill bars, making them ideal for modern houses and gardens. Available to buy online in three basic widths to accommodate standard opening sizes, they are outstanding value for money.

Please allow approximately 4 - 5 weeks lead time for delivery of this product.

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Monaco Garden Railings are available to buy online in various sizes to suit your requirements and feature modern design elements that will make a bold statement to any outdoor location. With a curved top and attractive circular rings, each railing is carefully constructed in the UK by a team of skilled fabricators using solid steel components. As a result, it will offer enhanced security and help restrict access to critical locations around the home and garden. The Monaco design is suitable for mounting to existing brickwork, timber or metal posts and will match with existing gates within the range, allowing for a seamless design statement whilst remaining very competitively priced.

Monaco Modern Metal Garden Railing Specification

  • The arch top and circular rings create a stunning overall design.

  • Suitable for numerous applications around the home and garden.

  • Hand-crafted in the UK.

  • 20mm x 8mm metal frames, 10mm round infill bars and 16mm x 5mm circles

  • Includes surface-mounted fixing brackets (compatible with existing masonry walls/pillars, timber or metal posts)

  • Easy DIY installation (only basic tools are required)

  • Black primer/undercoat (all metal surfaces must be painted before installation – contact us for pre-finished options).

  • Buy online in 3 standard size options (please be aware the railing design may vary from the image shown depending on the width option you select).


Height (once installed)

  • 457mm (18") at the sides, increasing to 610mm (24") in the centre.

  • 610mm (2ft) at the sides, increasing to 762mm (2ft 6") in the centre.

  • 914mm (3ft) high at the sides, increasing to 1067mm (3ft 6") in the centre.



Ordering Sizes

  • Fits Opening - This refers to the opening into which the railings will fit. Within these dimensions, we have already included the space required for the mounting brackets; therefore, you do not need to make any additional calculations for these components.

  • Height - This shows how tall the railings will be after installation (allowing for a 50mm gap at the bottom for ground clearance). 

View the Monaco railings measuring guide - Click here

Are Metal Posts Required to Provide Support?

If you cannot install the railings between existing brick pillars, you must use bolt-down metal posts. You must consider the additional space these components need when calculating the length of your railings to ensure all the parts will fit within the available space.

Ordering Example (when using posts)

  • You will need a total distance of 1930mm for 1 x railing (to fit an opening of 1830mm) and 2 x 50mm metal posts.

  • A span of 3810mm is required to accommodate 3 x 50mm metal posts and 2 x railings (to fit openings of 1830mm).

  • A total distance of 5690mm is needed to accommodate 3 x railings (to fit openings of 1830mm) and 4 x 50mm metal posts.



Need Help Ordering Railings for your Garden?

If you are thinking about buying a product from our site, please fill out our enquiry form so we can help guide you through the process. Alternatively, information is available online to help you make informed choices when ordering your products. For convenience, we include a measuring guide, FAQ section, and general buying guide.

Unable to find the size you need? Click here to learn about our made to measure service

You can also search for additional help and advice articles on our website. Here are a few of the most relevant subjects that we cover.



Important Details About the Monaco Wrought Iron Style Metal Railings

Fittings: We include a fit kit for your railing with four surface-mounted brackets, nuts, and bolts. You will need to supply the necessary screws for your posts or brickwork.

Metal Posts: Make sure the wall is wide enough to accommodate the bolt-down plate if you use metal posts.

Width: The phrase "fits opening" refers to the size of the aperture that must be present for the product to fit. It is not an accurate representation of the product's physical width. We recommend utilising our measuring guide to understand this dimension and ensure it is the proper one for you if you're still unsure.

Painting: To stop corrosion, you must paint all the steel surfaces before installation. To upgrade your order to low-maintenance electro-galvanised (zinc-plated) and black powder-coated paint treatments, please contact us before placing your order.

How to measure the opening when installing metal railings


Universal metal post installation guide



Visit the railing measuring guide for help with ordering sizes - Click here

Are Metal Posts Required?

To help you install the Monaco railings, we recommend you select from the options shown below.

Looking for a Low Maintenance & Rust Resistant Metal Railing?

Please contact us to get a price for a galvanised (zinc plated) and powder coated paint finish.