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Monaco Metal Garden Gate

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Monaco Metal Garden Gate

The Monaco Metal Garden Gate draws inspiration from art deco design. It is handcrafted in the UK to exacting standards and is available in a choice of sizes to suit most residential pedestrian entrances. It uses wrought iron style solid steel components in its construction and will last for many years. This superb value single metal gate will enhance any property, providing an outstanding presence at the front of your home. It is, therefore, a must-have addition for the security or a design-conscious homeowner seeking to add a unique look at a great price.

Please allow approximately 4 - 5 weeks lead time for delivery of this product.

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The Monaco Metal Garden Gate is a triumph for customers seeking increased security without compromising aesthetics. Manufactured in the UK from high-grade solid steel components, this stunning metal gate design features a 20mm x 8mm framework, 10mm round infill bars and 16mm x 5mm circular scrollwork. It is available to purchase online in a selection of sizes to suit many common pedestrian entrances and includes easy-to-install surface-mounted hinges and a latch mechanism as standard. 

Monaco Modern Garden Gate Specification

  • The visually appealing design will perfectly blend with a wide range of outdoor locations.

  • It is manufactured in the UK by a team of highly skilled craftsmen.

  • Constructed using 20mm x 8mm metal frames, 10mm infill bars and 16mm x 5mm circles.

  • This product includes adjustable hinges and a universal latch.

  • It can be hinged left or right-handed. 

  • Available to buy online in a selection of sizes.

  • The Monaco design is primed black with an undercoat paint during production. Additional painting is required before installation to protect the steel surfaces against rust and corrosion.


Height (once installed)

  • 1070mm (3ft 6")



Ordering Sizes

  • Width (Fits Opening): These dimensions signify the distance required between your existing posts or walls. The sizes already include the space needed for the hinge and latch elements. No further calculations are required.

  • Height: This measure represents the distance from the ground to the top of the arch (including an allowance of 50mm for ground clearance). 

Go to the measuring guide if you need help working out which size to order

Example Ordering Size

If the gap between the walls is 1070mm, you must choose "fits opening 1070mm" from the drop-down menu.

Do You Need Metal Posts?

You will need to install metal posts without a supporting structure present. Please ensure you have enough space for these components before placing your order.

Example: A gate "fitting an opening of 1070mm" plus 2 x 50mm posts necessitates a total width of 1170mm.



Do You Require Additional Details & Guidance?

We understand that finding the perfect size might be challenging. However, the process is detailed if you utilize our clear and straightforward measuring guide. Additionally, we provide extra assistance in the buying guide, FAQ, and installation instructions. Please get in touch with us through the enquiry form if you're still searching for the required facts.

We can supply made to measure gate sizes. Click here for more information

On our website, we also have a lot of instructive information. Some of our visitors' favourite support pages are listed below.



Essential Information About the Monaco Garden Gate

Fittings: We include a receiver plate you can mount on posts or walls, two surface-mounted adjustable hinges, and a universal latch mechanism. The screws you need to attach these parts to the surface of your choice are not included in your purchase, so you will need to buy them separately.

Metal Posts: Choose the appropriate design if you require metal posts for your installation. You should ensure posts are level and always secure in-ground posts with concrete.

Installation: Make sure that the structure to which the fittings are attached can provide the necessary support before beginning the installation. Install the hinge and latch using the appropriate screws as directed in the instructions.

Width: The size of the opening or gap that must exist for the gate to fit is denoted by the "fits opening" measurement. These dimensions already include the space required for the latch and hinge components. They do not reference the physical width of the gate. Check out our guide on selecting the right size if you still need assistance.

Painting: To prevent the steel from rusting or corroding, you must paint the Monaco metal gate before installation. Alternatively, you can choose an electro-galvanized (zinc-plated) and black powder-coated paint finish for an additional premium.

How to measure the opening illustration


Hinge and latch component diagram



Take a look at the measuring guide for help with ordering sizes

Looking for posts? You will need to purchase metal posts if the gate is positioned anywhere without a wall or other suitable structure. In these situations, please choose from the available options in the product menu.