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Dorset Aluminium Driveway Gates | Diagonal Board with Arch Top & Open Pales

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Dorset Aluminium Driveway Gates | Diagonal Board with Arch Top & Open Pales

The Dorset Arched Top Aluminium Driveway Gates are available to buy online in width and height combinations to meet the requirements of most domestic properties. With a low maintenance powder coated paint finish, an arched top shape and open pale sections, you have an aesthetically pleasing and practical gate design that is sure to be admired by your neighbours. Furthermore,  the diagonal infill boards  provide privacy and security, meaning these gates add value to any driveway or access location and are lightweight, making them easy to install anywhere in the UK.

Ordering Sizes

Please pick your required size from the drop-down menu below. When choosing an option, it is important that you understand that the width measurements denote the combined physical size of a pair of gates. You will require extra space for the hinges, lock and posts. Please refer to the table in the product description below to establish the actual opening size you will need.

Please allow approximately 3 - 4 weeks lead time for delivery of this product.

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The Dorset Arched Top Aluminium Driveway Gates will form a unique appearance at the entry to your property and will improve privacy and security at a remarkably affordable price. With a low-maintenance, aluminium construction, these outstanding double gates feature a chic arch top, open pales at the top and diagonal infill boards at the bottom, providing valuable privacy and security benefits. Available to buy online in a choice of width and height combinations, the gates can be supplied in a hardwearing black or anthracite grey powder-coated paint finish. They are suitable for manual or electric operation and can include several additional features for an enhanced configuration. Furthermore, to make installation easy, we provide 4 x wall-mounted hinge brackets and 2 x floor brackets as standard.

Dorset Aluminium Driveway Gates Specification

  • The arch top and open pale sections will enhance the appearance of any residential entrance.

  • Excellent quality at an affordable price.

  • Choose from modern Anthracite Grey or classic Black powder-coated paint finishes.

  • With full aluminium construction, the gates are robust, stable and secure.

  • The Dorset design is an ideal moisture-resistant replacement for wood, making them perfect for coastal homes or other salt-contaminated backdrops.

  • Available to order online in a selection of width and height configurations.

  • We include easy-to-install surface-mounted adjustable hinges which can be fixed to masonry, timber or aluminium posts

  • The gates include 4 x wall-mounted hinges and 2 x floor-mounted hinges. 



Ordering Sizes

The width measurements in the drop-down menu reflect the total physical width of the two gates (when placed side by side). The height is determined by taking a measurement from the highest point of the arch to the bottom of the horizontal rail. The extra space required for the lock, hinges, and ground clearance must still be taken into account.

We therefore recommend that you use the chart below to determine the ideal spacing between your brick walls or support posts.

Opening Size Requirements

Aluminium driveway gates opening size requirements diagram

If you do not see your size, please let us know. We can work with you to find a solution.

Physical Width = 3000mm

The opening should measure 3030mm - 3060mm between your walls or posts

Physical Width = 3250mm

The opening should measure 3280mm - 3310mm between your walls or posts

Physical Width = 3500mm

The opening should measure 3530mm - 3560mm between your walls or posts

Physical Width = 3750mm

The opening should measure 3780mm - 3810mm between your walls or posts

Physical Width = 4000mm

The opening should measure 4030mm - 4060mm between your walls or posts

Height Dimensions

The menu's dimensions denote the gates' physical height to the top of the arch. To ensure you have adequate space to allow for ground clearance and the room taken up by the top and bottom hinges, we recommend that the wall or posts are a minimum of 100mm larger than this measurement.

Please note the physical height of the gates at the sides is 200mm shorter than the measurement to the top of the arch.



What is Included with the Double Gates as Standard?

4 x Wall Mounted Adjustable Hinges

2 x Floor Mounted Hinges


Do you Need to Buy Aluminium Posts?

You will need to order aluminium posts when fitting the gates into a location without any existing masonry walls. If you order these components, they can be buried into the ground or bolted onto any appropriate hard surface.


To guarantee that the aluminium posts can support the weight of the gates, they have a 3.5mm thick profile. They are available in black or anthracite grey and come with a black post cap to keep moisture out.



Confused About Ordering Sizes?

Before ordering, please feel free to get in touch with us if you have a question about the product or are having trouble deciding on a size you need. 



Installation Instructions

Visit the pages below for instructions on installing the aluminium driveway gates.

How to Install onto Brickwork ►

How to Install onto Posts ►

How to install aluminium driveway gates to brickwork How to install aluminium driveway gates to posts

Colour Chart

Colour chart

Component Sizes

Dorset design component sizes

Size diagram for Dorset arched top design