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Wentworth Aluminium Driveway Gates

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Wentworth Aluminium Driveway Gates

The Wentworth Arched Top Aluminium Driveway Gates will undoubtedly add kerb appeal to your property whilst providing excellent privacy and security. Available to purchase in a range of width and height configurations, these stunning double gates feature vertical infill boards and robust construction. You can order online in a contemporary black or anthracite grey powder-coated paint finish as standard to ensure a modern appearance at an affordable price.

Ordering Sizes

The width dimensions correspond to the gates' combined physical size. You must understand that additional space is required to facilitate correct installation because the hinges, locking mechanisms, and other fittings will demand extra space. Please refer to the table in the product description below to determine the opening size you need for the gates to fit correctly. 

Please allow approximately 3 - 4 weeks lead time for delivery of this product.

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Other Options & Accessories

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The Wentworth Arched Top Aluminium Driveway Gates are ideally suited to a range of modern property types where the provision of a premium quality physical security barrier will benefit the property owner. These excellent value double gates benefit from a low maintenance aluminium construction, provide superior levels of privacy thanks to the vertically boarded solid infill panel and are available in a choice of sizes to suit most residential driveways. Supplied with 4 x wall-mounted hinge brackets and 2 x floor brackets, they are suitable for installation onto existing masonry surfaces or mounted to aluminium posts if no appropriate support structure is present. The gates are available in various colours and can be specified with different accessories to complement them.

Wentworth Aluminium Driveway Gates Specification

  • The timeless and elegant arched top will blend with any property.

  • They feature premium quality components at an affordable price.

  • Available in two distinct colours and feature a clean, modern appearance.

  • You can depend on them to secure your property because they won't bend or warp.

  • The framework and infill boards are made of durable, rust-proof aluminium.

  • The gates are simple to install and strong enough to keep out most uninvited visitors.

  • Aluminium is an excellent moisture-resistant alternative to wood, making it ideal for coastal homes or other salt-contaminated environments.

  • There are several width and height combinations for you to choose from.

  • A durable powder coating of black or anthracite grey paint looks fantastic and provides abrasion resistance.

  • The surface-mounted adjustable hinges can be mounted directly to an aluminium post or wall.



Ordering Sizes

The width dimensions in the drop-down menu denote the combined physical width of the two gates. The height is determined by measuring the distance between the arch's top and the vertical rail's bottom. The additional room required for the lock, hinges, and ground clearance still needs to be considered. 

Use the chart below to determine the proper gap between your brick walls or support posts.

Opening Size Requirements

Aluminium driveway gates opening size requirements diagram

If you do not see your size, please let us know. We can work with you to find a solution.

Physical Width = 3000mm

The opening should measure 3030mm - 3060mm between your walls or posts

Physical Width = 3250mm

The opening should measure 3280mm - 3310mm between your walls or posts

Physical Width = 3500mm

The opening should measure 3530mm - 3560mm between your walls or posts

Physical Width = 3750mm

The opening should measure 3780mm - 3810mm between your walls or posts

Physical Width = 4000mm

The opening should measure 4030mm - 4060mm between your walls or posts

Height Dimensions

The hinges should be fixed on a wall or posts that are at least 100mm taller than the actual height of the gates. This leaves space for the top and bottom fittings to be installed



What is Included with the Double Gates as Standard?

4 x Wall Mounted Adjustable Hinges

2 x Floor Mounted Hinges


Do you Need to Buy Aluminium Posts?

The addition of posts is essential when installing the gates into a location without an appropriate support structure. We display the posts in the options and accessories menu at the top of the page. These components can be bolted onto an existing hard surface or buried in the ground and supported with concrete.


Our posts are made from a 3.5mm thick profile to ensure that they can support the weight of the gates. They are available the same colour as the gates you choose and come with a black post cap to keep moisture out.


Confused About Ordering Sizes?

Before making your order, if you are confused about which size you need, get in touch with us because rebuilding the gates would be expensive. 


Installation Instructions

For a perfect installation, we advise that you always adhere to the procedures outlined in the instructions.

How to Install onto Brickwork ►

How to Install onto Posts ►

How to install aluminium driveway gates to brickwork How to install aluminium driveway gates to posts

Colour Chart

Colour chart

Component Sizes

Wentworth design component sizes

Sizing diagram for Wentworth arched top design