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Court Metal Garden Gate

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Court Metal Garden Gate

The Court Metal Garden Gate is an excellent choice for families looking for a safe way to protect the home. It features a simple and clean design, has a solid steel construction and is manufactured using high-quality materials for maximum stability and strength. Thanks to its convenient installation features, anyone can install it quickly, allowing you to benefit from added security in no time!

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Give your garden an upgrade with the Court Metal Garden Gate. This simple design is made of solid metal components and finished in black powder-coat paint, making it both durable and charming. Its modern appeal makes it a great addition to any property. It is perfect for pedestrian entrances and will keep your pets secure while showing off your sense of style. With a sturdy construction, it features a 25mm x 10mm flat bar metal framework, 12mm diameter infill bars and hoop tops. Specifically designed for easy DIY installations, it comes with a pair of surface-mounted adjustable hinges and a simple-to-operate latch mechanism. As a result, it is outstanding value for money.

Court Garden Gate Specification

  • Simple, no-nonsense styling.

  • Suitable for a variety of entrances around the home and garden.

  • Manufactured with 25mm x 10mm frames and 12mm solid metal infill bars for improved rigidity.

  • Hoop tops prevent nasty accidents.

  • This product includes surface-mounted adjustable hinges, a latch, and a wall-mounted receiver plate.

  • It can be hinged left or right-handed.

  • The low-maintenance zinc-plated (electro-galvanised) and black powder-coated paint finish will help prevent the onset of rust and corrosion.


Fits Opening

  • 1000mm (3ft 3")


Physical Height

  • 950mm (37")



Ordering Sizes

  • Width (Fits Opening): This dimension corresponds to the opening size you need between your brickwork or existing posts. We already included the space required for the hinge and latch components within these measurements; therefore, no additional calculations are necessary.

  • Physical Height: This is the actual height of the product. It is measured from the framework's underside to the gate's highest point. No provision for the space you need for ground clearance is included. 

View our guide to measuring for a single metal gate

Example Ordering Size

If the aperture size is 3ft 3", you need to order the gate that "fits opening" 3ft 3".

Do You Require Metal Posts?

We suggest purchasing metal posts if you lack existing walls or pillars to attach your hinge and latch components. These items will take up more room, so you must have additional space available if selecting these components.

Example: The Court garden gate that "fits an opening" of 3ft 3" installed with a combination of 2 x 2" metal posts will need a total space of 3ft 7".



Do you Require More Assistance & Support?

We are here to help wherever we can. We have included a selection of helpful links, including a measuring guide, installation guide and FAQ page within our online store. Alternatively, if you have any questions about this product or require additional assistance selecting the most appropriate size, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We have a made to measure service available - Click here for more details

Furthermore, you may access several useful support pages from our main menu with just one click. Some of our most viewed pages are displayed below.



Important Information About the Court Hoop Top Metal Garden Gate 

Fittings: The surface-mounted adjustable hinges, mounting brackets, latch and receiver plate you'll receive with this product will allow you to attach a gate to a support structure. You will, however, need to purchase the appropriate screws to connect these components to your preferred structure, as they are not included in the component fitting pack.

Metal Posts: If you're installing posts, it's essential to have the right post size and shape for your project. To ensure that your posts are stable and won't move, use concrete to reinforce them before you put the finishing touches on your project.

Installation: The gate should be fitted correctly for safety. We recommend you always check that your structure can provide the strength required to guarantee that the hinge and latch components are securely mounted. When installing, you must follow the installation instructions included with the product.

Width: The space required between the existing brickwork or other support structure is denoted by the "fits opening" dimension. It has nothing to do with the physical width of the framework. If you cannot understand this, we ask that you read and comprehend our definitive guide on choosing the correct size.

Painting: If you're looking for a stylish product that provides exceptional protection against rust and corrosion, the Court metal garden gate is the ideal choice. Featuring zinc-plated steel coated in a black powder-coat paint finish, it will provide enhanced levels of protection without requiring further painting. It is ready to be installed without needing additional painting.

How to measure the opening illustration


Adjustable hinge and latch fitting diagram



Universal metal post fitting guidelines



Go to the measuring guide

Do you need metal posts? When the Court garden gate is to be installed in a location where no suitable supporting structure is available, you will need to add posts. If required, please select from the following options.