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Court Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Railings

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Court Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Railings

The Court Metal Railings are the best option for any homeowner looking to improve security and privacy anywhere along the boundary of their property. The traditional hoop top design blends in with many different architectural types, and the solid steel construction makes them strong and long-lasting.

The Court Metal Railings are a terrific investment whether you want to increase the security of a boundary wall or enhance the overall visual appeal of your house and garden. They have a classic hoop top style that complements any decor, making them the perfect choice for both traditional and modern settings.

Court Hoop Top Railings - Simple Design at an Affordable Online Price

  • Ideal for any residential application, the hoop top railings are safe, secure and timeless in design.

  • Constructed to a high standard using solid steel materials.

  • The steel surfaces have rust-resistant zinc plating (electro-galvanised) with a black powder-coated paint finish. 

  • Manufactured with a 25mm x 10mm framework and 12mm solid metal infill bars.

  • Each railing includes a fixing kit suitable for installation to metal, timber and brickwork.


Fits Opening

  • 1830mm (6ft)


Physical Height

  • 490mm



 Ordering Sizes

  • Width - The "fits opening" dimension corresponds to the size of the opening you will need between posts or brick pillars. The space required for the mounting brackets is already included in this measurement; therefore, you do not need to make any additional allowances for these items.

  • Physical Height - This is the total height of the product. The measurement is from the underside of the framework to the top of the hoops. When completing the installation, you will need to allow additional height for ground clearance.

View the Court metal railing measuring guide

Do You Need to Include Bolt-Down Metal Posts?

You must use bolt-down metal posts if you can't position the railings between existing brick pillars. In these circumstances, you must consider the extra room that these components need.

Ordering Example (when using posts)

  • 1 x railing and 2 x 50mm metal posts require 1930mm total space.

  • 2 x railings and 3 x 50mm metal posts require 3810mm total space.

  • 3 x railings and 4 x 50mm metal posts require 5690mm total space.



Which Metal Posts to Order?

The bottom of the universal bolt-down posts has a plate you must screw into place on the top of the wall. We advise the following if you need these products:



Need Help or Advice Before Ordering Court Wrought Iron Style Railings Online? 

Our website offers a wealth of information to make ordering our products as simple as possible for you. Please refer to our measuring guide if you need more information on ordering sizes. If you have a query, check out the FAQs area for common questions and their responses. We also provide a buying guide with general ordering details. Contact us by filling out our online form for assistance if you prefer.

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 If you're looking for more general information, you can search for relevant articles on our website. Below is a list of some of our most widely discussed topics.



Essential Details About the Court Metal Railings

Fittings: Every railing you buy from us comes with a fitting kit. There are four surface-mounted brackets, nuts, and bolts supplied. The screws needed to mount the brackets to your masonry or posts are not included.

Metal Posts: If you use metal posts, ensure the wall is wide enough to accommodate the bolt-down plate.

Width: The dimension "fits opening" refers to the size of the aperture required. It does not specify the physical width of the product. If you're still unsure, we encourage using the measuring guide to establish what this symbolises.

Painting: For added rust resistance, steel surfaces are electro-galvanised (zinc plated) and have a black powder-coated paint finish. The railings don't need to be painted anymore before being installed.

Metal railing measuring illustration


Railing fitting diagram


Bolt down metal post installation guidelines



View the measuring guide if you don`t know what size railings to order

If you fit wall top railings and no brick pillars are available, you need to order metal posts. Where this is applicable, we recommend the following items.

If you are unsure what posts you need or need help working out the number of items to order based on your requirements, please get in touch with us for help and advice.