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Classic Bow Top Metal Side Gate

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Classic Bow Top Metal Side Gate

The Classic Bow Top Metal Side Gate is perfect for any residential location. It features an appealing arch top for a traditional appearance whilst the wrought iron style ornamental scrollwork adds elegance. The gate is available to buy online in a choice of sizes and is one of our best-selling designs.

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The Classic Bow Top Metal Side Gate is suitable for any home and garden setting. It is manufactured using quality materials to create a timeless appeal that is popular with period property owners. Available to order online in a selection of sizes to suit the most common opening widths, the gate benefits from a solid steel frame, a timeless arched top, ornate scrollwork, and a low-maintenance zinc-plated and black powder-coated paint finish. It is supplied with the benefit of surface-mounted hinges and a simple latch mechanism and is perfect for DIY installations.

Classic Bow Top Side Gate Specification

  • The tall arched top design will provide improved levels of privacy and security.

  • Traditional wrought iron style scrollwork produces a timeless appeal.

  • Appropriate for a range of uses around the garden.

  • Available to suit a variety of opening widths.

  • Manufactured with 20mm x 6mm frames, 10mm infill bars and 10mm x 3mm steel scrolls.

  • Includes surface-mounted fixed hinges and a universal latch mechanism to enable easy installation onto various surfaces.

  • Suitable for left or right-hand hand hanging.

  • Zinc-plated and powder-coated black paint finish requires little upkeep.


Physical Height

  • The width option that "Fits Opening" 762mm (2ft 6") has a Physical Height of 1753mm

  • The width option that "Fits Opening" 838mm (2ft 9") has a Physical Height of 1791mm

  • The width option that "Fits Opening" 914mm (3ft) has a Physical Height of 1830mm

  • The width option that "Fits Opening" 991mm (3ft 3") has a Physical Height of 1867mm

  • The width option that "Fits Opening" 1067mm (3ft 6") has a Physical Height of 1905mm



Ordering Sizes

  • Width (Fits Opening): This dimension relates to the opening size required between existing brickwork or posts. The space necessary for the hinges and latch is already included in these dimensions. Other allowances are not required.

  • Physical Height: This measurement corresponds to the actual height of the gate. It is measured from the underside of the frame to the top of the arch. No provision for the space you will need for ground clearance has been included within this size.

Click to view the measuring guide

Example Ordering Size

When the gap between your walls or posts measures 1067mm (3ft 6"), you must get a gate that is designed to "fit opening 1067mm (3ft 6")."

Are Metal Posts Required?

If there is no support for the hinges, you will have to add metal posts. When purchasing these components, remember that they will require more space.

Example: A gate to accommodate an opening of 3ft 6" combined with 2 x 2" posts will demand an overall width of 3ft 10".


Are You Looking for Further Information?

Please complete our online enquiry form if you want additional information before placing an order. Alternatively, you may find valuable details on our website, such as a measuring guide, installation guide, FAQs, and purchasing advice.

Please also see the pages listed below to assist you with other aspects of your purchase.



Important Information About the Traditional Classic Bow Top Wrought Iron Style Side Gate

Fittings: The gate includes surface-mounted hinges and a latch fitting. Screws for installing the hinge brackets and latch receiver plate are not supplied.

Posts: Metal posts must be the proper size to offer the required amount of support. They must be set to the appropriate depth, and in-ground posts must be secured with concrete.

Installation: Only connect the hinges to existing brickwork (or other existing supports) if the arrangement can sustain the weight of the gate.  For further details, please consult the installation instructions.

Width: The "fits opening" size shown in the menu includes the space necesarry for the hinges and latch and correlates to the gap size required for the gate to fit properly. It does not refer to the actual width of the gate. You should refer to the "how to select the correct size gate" page if you do not understand what this indicates.

Metal Gate Measuring Information


Fixed hinges and latch fitting diagram



Universal metal post fitting guide



To view the measuring guide please click here

Do you need to order metal posts to install the Classic bow top side gate? If so we recommend using the following items.

If you are unsure what to order or would like help and advice choosing metal posts please email