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Verona Tall Metal Side Gate

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Verona Tall Metal Side Gate

The Verona Metal Side Gate is one of our most popular designs and is ideal for non-standard openings. It has a visually appealing shallow arch top, a solid steel framework, and a contemporary infill panel for a stunning look at an affordable price. As a result, it offers exceptional value for money.

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The Verona Metal Side Gate is one of our most popular designs because it gives a beautiful focus point to any outdoor space. It features a curved top, a welded 25mm x 8mm flat bar solid steel framework, 10mm round metal infill bars, and a 6mm decorative panel, giving it a modern appearance at a low cost. The Verona gate design is zinc-plated and powder-coated black as standard, allowing quicker installation times and reducing ongoing maintenance. Furthermore, it is suited for various opening widths since it has extended adjustable hinges that you can adjust to fit your specific opening requirements. As a result, it is one of our best-selling designs.

Verona Modern Tall Side Gate Specification

  • Visually appealing design.

  • Suitable for an array of modern and traditional properties.

  • Cost-effective alternative to made-to-measure gates.

  • It features a 25mm x 8mm solid metal framework, 10mm infill bars and 6mm decorative panels.

  • Zinc-plated and black powder-coated paint finish.

  • Supplied with surface-mounted adjustable hinges and latch mechanism.

  • Suitable for left or right-hand hanging. 


Physical Height

  • 1798mm (71")



Ordering Sizes

  • Width (Fits Opening): These measurements refer to the opening size needed between existing walls or supports. These dimensions include the space required for the hinges and latch. Additional allowances are not necessary.

  • Physical Height: This dimension correlates to the gate's exact height and is measured from the underside of the framework to the top of the arch. This height does not account for the additional space required for ground clearance.

View the measuring guide for help with ordering sizes

Example Ordering Size

If the distance between your walls or posts is between 850-910mm, you must purchase a gate built to "fit an opening of 850-910mm".

Are Metal Posts Needed?

You will have to add metal posts if there is no support for the hinges or latch. When buying these elements, be aware that they will take up more space.

Example: A gate to fit an opening of 850mm combined with 2 x 50mm posts will require an overall width of 950mm. 



Do You Require Any Other Information?

Please fill out our online enquiry form if you need more information before placing an order. You may also find helpful information on our website within the measuring guide, installation guide, FAQs, and buying advice sections.

Learn about our made to measure gate service - Click here for more information

Please also go to the links below for help with other elements of your order.



Important Information About the Verona Side Gate

Fittings: The gate includes surface-mounted hinges and a latch fitting. We do not provide the screws needed to install the hinge brackets and latch receiver plate.

Posts: You must only use metal posts of an appropriate size, and they must be capable of giving the correct level of support. When installing these components, you must ensure they go into the ground to an appropriate depth and are supported with concrete.

Installation: You must only attach the hinges to any masonry construction (or other existing supports) if the structure can support the weight of the gate. For further facts, please read the installation instructions.

Width: The "fits opening" size displayed in the menu includes the space necessary for the hinges and latch and correlates to the gap size required for the gate to fit correctly. It does not refer to the actual width of the gate. You should read the "how to select the correct size gate" page if you do not understand this.

Learn how to measure the opening


Adjustable hinges and latch fitting diagram



Universal metal post fitting guide



Go to the measuring guide - Click here

For gate installations where no supporting structure is available (such as a wall or fence) you will need to order metal posts. In these instances we recommend the following:

If you are unsure which type of post you will need or would like help with sizes please email prior to ordering.