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Garden Gates Direct - Metal Garden Gates Overview

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An Overview of Residential Metal Garden Gates

If you want to add security to the front pedestrian access point onto your property, a metal garden gate is an excellent choice. Here we take a general overview of all the points you should consider before buying one.

Metal garden gate types

What are the Main Reasons You Should Install One?

  • Affordable and easy to install on a DIY basis using only a few basic tools.
  • You can choose from a wide range of design options in size options to suit your requirements.
  • The solid steel construction is rugged, durable, and capable of withstanding daily use.
  • They will improve the visual appeal of your property
  • A gate creates a strong visual deterrent to potential intruders.
  • It will create a clearly defined boundary to the entrance.
  • They need very little maintenance other than the occasional fresh coat of paint.
  • They will keep your pets and children from wandering off. 

How Practical is a Metal Garden Gate?

Choosing the right metal garden gate for your home is essential as it is one of the first things people notice when they visit your property. We, therefore, recommend that you consider the following factors when choosing your gate.


  • Placement: The first thing to note is that you will need a brick wall or a post to support the hinges. In addition, you must decide whether it is best to hang the gate so that it opens to the left or right-hand side. Whilst there is no right or wrong answer, the most practical option is to open it against a side wall or in a configuration that won't hinder access down the path.
  • Type: The most flexible hinge type is an adjustable eyebolt. These can be used to make minor adjustments to the gate and will also aid in levelling it up when installing. A cheaper alternative is a fixed hinge design, which does not offer any adjustment, so it may only be suitable for some applications.


  • Type: A garden gate latch is usually either a tip or a sliding latch. If you need the gate to close into the keep, a tip latch will be a practical option but can be difficult to secure with a padlock. Conversely, a sliding latch is easy to secure using a padlock but will not latch into place unless the bolt is slid across into the receiver plate.
  • Height: Consider the height the latch is mounted, as this will affect how easy it is to open and close. For example, if there is a step up onto your property, the latch would be more suited to a slightly lower down than the standard position.

How Much Security Do They Provide?

A metal gate at the front of your property will provide an excellent visual deterrent that will undoubtedly help with your home security. If you add a lock onto the gate, this will be enhanced further; however, because they are typically a maximum of 4ft high, they can be climbed over, so they should not be relied upon as your sole means of security.

Will They Rust?

To stop the gates from rusting, you need to protect metal surfaces. If you select from our primed range, you will need to apply a top coat of high-quality exterior-grade paint before installation. Every couple of years, the surfaces will need to be repainted to stop rust appearing. Alternatively, our zinc-plated and powder-coated range is supplied pre-finished and does not need painting before installation.

How Do You Determine What Size to Order?

For your gate to fit correctly, you will need to measure the opening to establish the space available. Below we have detailed the steps you should take for three different opening layouts, as each will involve a slightly different process.

  • Fitting Between Existing Walls: Measure the exact gap size between walls or pillars. This measurement will be your ordering width. You then need to find a product which matches this measurement. For transparency, we refer to this measurement on the product pages as "fits opening".

  • Fitting Between Existing Metal Posts: Measure from the inside of one post to the inside of the other. Do not measure from existing hinge pins as this will result in inaccurate measurements.

  • No Existing Structure: If there are no existing walls or posts to provide support, you will need to add metal posts. First, measure the total available space, then deduct the width of the posts from this measurement to determine your ordering width or "fits opening" dimension.

Once you have established the dimensions of the opening (either between your walls or posts), you will need to find a product that matches this measurement. For transparency, we refer to this measurement on the product pages as "fits opening". Please refer to our measuring guide if you need additional help and guidance or want to see some ordering examples.

Are Lots of Designs Available?

We have a comprehensive range of 32 designs in simple to ornate styles. We have detailed some of our most popular configurations below; however, you can view the full range of metal garden gates here

Henley metal garden gate design


Balmoral metal gate design


Classic low bow metal garden gate design

Classic Low Bow

Weston metal garden gate design


Stirling metal garden gate design


Court metal gate design


Made to measure sizes are available - Discover more here

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