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Royale Talisman Wrought Iron Style Side Gate

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Royale Talisman Wrought Iron Style Side Gate

The Royale Talisman Wrought Iron Style Side Gate will add security and style to any pedestrian entry on your property. It blends a handcrafted solid steel structure, a double row of fleur-de-lys finials, and circular rings to create a beautiful and classy appearance. The gate is available in various sizes to suit most residential applications, is primed black (undercoat), and comes equipped with hinges and a latch mechanism as standard.

Please allow approximately 4 - 5 weeks lead time for delivery of this product.

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The Royale Talisman Wrought Iron Style Side Gate has a beautiful and highly durable design. It is available in various sizes and is the perfect option for those wanting a barrier to deter intruders or unwanted guests.The Royale Talisman design is constructed in the UK to an industry-leading standard from heavy-duty solid steel components. It includes a 40mm x 30mm flat bar hanging stile, 40mm x 10mm closing stile and 16mm round infill bars. A double row of fleur-de-lys finials and wrought iron-style circles are featured in the design for added visual appeal. For improved security, the bottom section includes dog bars making it a sensible option if you have pets and small children. It is primed black during manufacture, making it ready to be painted in the colour of your choice before installation. A fitting pack comes with the gate, which includes surface-mounted adjustable hinges and a latch mechanism you can secure with a padlock.

Royale Talisman 6ft High Metal Side Gate Specification

  • The heavy-duty construction provides strength, rigidity and durability to this product.

  • Traditional decorative elements are timeless and have a universal appeal, which makes it the perfect choice to add warmth and character to your home and garden.

  • Components include a thick 40mm x 30mm closing stile, a sturdy 40mm x 10mm closing stile and 16mm diameter round metal infill bars to prevent flexing.

  • The gate is suitable for right-hand hanging only (as viewed from the roadside).

  • Adjustable surface-mounted hinges and a sliding latch (that can be secured with a padlock) are included as standard.

  • This product is primed black with an undercoat paint during manufacture. To avoid rust, this needs to be painted before installation.


Height (once installed)

  • 1830mm (6ft) + finials



Ordering Sizes

  • Width (Fits Opening): These are the dimensions of the opening you will need between brickwork and posts. We have already included the space required for the hinges and latch within these measurements. You do not need to make any additional calculations for these items.

  • Height (once installed): The size is measured from ground level to the top of the frame. It includes a 50mm (2") allowance for ground clearance but excludes the finials above the frame.

Take a look at the measuring guide if you do not know what size to order

Example Ordering Size

If the distance between walls or posts is 1070mm, you will need to choose the gate option that "fits an opening of 1070mm."

Are Metal Posts Required?

You must use metal posts if there is no existing support for the hinges and latch. When selecting these components, it is vital to understand that you will require additional space.

Example: When selecting a gate to "fit an opening of 1070mm" together with 2 x 100mm posts, you will require a total width of 1270mm. 



Are You Confused About Ordering?

If you have any questions or queries about the Royale Talisman Side Gate, you can contact us via the enquiry form. Alternatively, we provide a detailed measuring guide, FAQs, installation guide, and buying guide online.

We have made to measure gates available - Click here for more information

If you would like additional technical support, we encourage you to see the below-mentioned pages.



Helpful Facts About the Royal Talisman Wrought Iron Style Side Gate

Fittings: This gate is simple to install and meets the demands of most residential environments. A latch fitting and surface-mounted hinges are included in the fitting pack. You must buy the mounting screws separately.

Metal Posts: If these items are required, choosing the right size and style is essential. Posts should be set in the ground at an appropriate depth and need concrete to ensure they are properly supported.

Installation: Ensure that you correctly install the product. An incorrectly installed gate may pose a hazard to people, pets and property. Please seek professional advice if needed, and always refer to the installation instructions for further information about fitting.

Width: The "fits opening" sizes shown in the menu refer to the gap size required between brickwork or posts. This measurement already includes the room needed for the hinges and latch. It does not display the physical width of the product. You should read "How to Select the Right Size" if you do not understand this.

Painting: It's essential to protect your investment by painting your side gate before installation. Paint will extend the lifespan of the steel by protecting it from corrosion. Alternatively, we can offer a low-maintenance zinc-plated and black powder-coated paint finish for an additional charge. Please get in touch with us before ordering if you want more details about this option.

Discover how to measure the opening


Adjustable heavy duty hinge diagram



Refer to the measuring guide for help with sizes

For ease of installation or to complement the Royale Talisman Metal Side Gate we have the following options and accessories available:

  • Metal Posts (available in wall mounted or in-ground options in a choice of sizes to suit your requirements)

  • Zinc plated (electro galvanised) and powder coated finish.

  • Heavy duty mortise lock with key

  • The option to specify left or right hand hanging

To find out more information please email or fill in our enquiry form.