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Dalby Wooden Driveway Gates | 4ft High

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Dalby Wooden Driveway Gates | 4ft High

Available to buy online in a choice of sizes, the 4ft high Dalby wooden driveway gates will add security and privacy to your property at a price you can afford.

Please allow approximately 3 - 4 weeks lead time for delivery of this product.

Physical Width (of the pair):

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Double Gate Fittings Pack:
Wooden Posts:

The Dalby 4ft High Wooden Driveway Gates have a timeless appearance making them suitable for modern and traditional properties alike. Constructed from smooth planed untreated Scandinavian Redwood, the Dalby design benefits from a solid panel for privacy, whilst the 70mm thick framework, horizontal rails, and diagonal bracing ensures the gates remain strong, rigid, and resistant to twisting and warping. Available to buy online in a choice of sizes from 7ft - 12ft, these great value double gates are currently one of our best-selling designs. Once stained or painted to the desired finish, they will look simply amazing.

4ft High Dalby Double Driveway Gates Specification

  • Timeless design will suit any residential location.

  • Buy online in a choice of sizes from 7ft – 12ft at an affordable price

  • Adds security and subtle aesthetic appeal.

  • Handmade in the UK from slow grown Scandinavian Redwood

  • Traditional mortise and tenon construction.

  • 70mm x 70mm outer framework with 100mm x 10mm tongue and groove boards set flush to the front face of the gates.

  • Suitable for automation

  • Smooth planed untreated timber ready to be stained or painted before installation.

  • Hinges, fittings and accessories are sold separately


Physical Height

  • 1220mm (4ft)



Ordering Sizes

Select the option required from the menu above. The sizes represent the physical width of a pair of gates. We have made no allowance for the space needed for the hinges, latch or posts.

Measuring Guide - Click here for help and advice choosing the correct size gates



Unsure Which Dalby Wooden Gates to Order for Your Driveway Entrance?

For help and advice choosing the right size please feel free to get in touch by phone/email or refer to our measuring guide. For technical advice of to find answers to many common questions please refer to the pages detailed below.

Find out about our made to measure gates by clicking here


Useful Information About the Dalby Driveway Gates

Width Dimensions: Wooden driveway gates are sold as a pair and the width dimensions shown within the drop-down menu at the top of the page refers to the physical width of both gates (when placed side by side). Each pair comprises of the following:

  • 7ft pair = 2 x 3ft 6”

  • 8ft pair = 2 x 4ft

  • 9ft pair = 2 x 4ft 6”

  • 10ft pair = 2 x 5ft

  • 11ft pair = 2 x 5ft 6”

  • 12ft pair = 2 x 6ft  

Height Dimensions: The physical height detailed in the product description is measured from the underside of the gates to the highest point. No allowance has been made for any ground clearance. We recommend leaving 50mm (2”) when installing however this is a guide only and may vary according to site constraints (such as sloping driveways, steps or other similar obstructions within the swinging radius of the gates).

Fittings: The hinges, latch and drop bolt are not included as standard. If you need to add these items to your order you will need to select the appropriate fitting pack from the menu above.

Posts: We recommend using wooden posts when installing the gates. If you are fitting in between and existing support structure (such as masonry pillars) the use of wall mounted posts is acceptable. Alternatively, for freestanding installations, in ground posts will need to be used. In both instances, the gap formed between the posts should be 40mm wider than the physical width of the gates you order. This will then provide the optimal spacing for the hinges and to allow for expansion of the timber throughout the seasons.

Finish: Dalby wooden driveway gates are handmade from smooth planed Scandinavian Redwood. This timber has not been treated to offer protection against the elements. It is therefore essential that all exposed surfaces are stained or painted prior to installation to ensure the best level of protection is achieved.

Installation: When installing the product, you should use appropriate size hook and band hinges. To ensure the best level of support, they should be mounted to the top and bottom horizontal rails. For inward opening layouts, the hinges should be fixed to the back face or for outward opening layouts they will need to fit to the front face of the gates. To find out more information please check out the general installation guide.

Fittings Packs & Accessories for Wooden Drive Gates

How to measure the opening for double wooden gates


What size opening will the Dalby 4ft High Wooden Driveway Gates fit into?

If you are fitting the wooden gates between existing timber posts (with the hinges fitted on the back face of the gate/post) then we recommend the following space is available.

  • Physical Width of 2130mm = Fits an opening of approximately 2170mm - 2180mm

  • Physical Width of 2440mm = Fits an opening of approximately 2480mm – 2490mm  

  • Physical Width of 2740mm = Fits an opening of approximately 2780mm – 2790mm

  • Physical Width of 3050mm = Fits an opening of approximately 3090mm – 3100mm

  • Physical Width of 3350mm = Fits an opening of approximately 3390mm – 3400mm

  • Physical Width of 3660mm = Fits an opening of approximately 3700mm – 3710mm

NB* sizes are based on the options shown in the drop down menu.

What if i need to add wooden posts? 

For installations that require wooden posts it is important to make allowances for the additional space required. The calculation is worked out in the following way. 

Physical width of gates + width of posts (2 x 100mm is sufficient if using wall mounted posts or 2 x 150mm if freestanding posts are used) + 40/50mm (space needed for hinges, latch and opening tolerances)

Example: a pair of 3050mm gates combined with 2 x 100mm posts will require the existing gap between pillars to be approximately 3290mm - 3300mm.

What size hinges and what fittings do i need to complete the installation?

We recommend using 18", 24" or 36" hook and band hinges (depending on the size of the gates you order). We also suggest you add 1 x ring latch and a minimum of 1 x drop bolt to hold the gates closed.

Do you need posts, gate furniture and accessories?

Where additional items are required to help with your installation we recommend you select from the options detailed below.

Don’t know what additional items to order? Get in touch with us by phone or email and we will be on hand to answer your questions.