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Royale Talisman Side Gate Case Study in Worcestershire

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Royale Talisman Side Gate in Worcestershire

Located opposite a school in Malvern, Worcestershire the owner of this property was looking for a high strength gate to prevent their large dog from leaving the garden whilst still allowing it to sit and look through at the children playing (something the customer said the dog liked to do on a regular basis).

We were informed that on one side of the opening was a 6ft high wall but on the other only a low concrete fence post was present. As this was the side that the gate needed to be hinged from it would mean a metal post of a suitable height would be required.

Having been provided with the overall space available, we were able to establish the size of the gate that would be required quite easily (by deducing the width of the post from the overall space measurement).

We were then able to offer the customer advice as to the most appropriate designs we have available. These included the Royale Talisman, Royale Ascot, and Royale Premier designs. Having put these options to the customer they chose the Talisman design based on the following reasons.

  • Heavy duty construction consisting of a 40mm x 30mm hanging style, 40mm x 10mm closing style, 16mm infill bars,
  • Dog bars in the bottom half of the gate (meaning the gaps are only half the spacing as those in the top portion)
  • A sliding latch included as standard which is each to operate and very easy to secure using a padlock

Although the Talisman was the customers preferred design, they were concerned that the spiked top fleur de lys finials may injure the dog if jumped up and asked if an alternative option was available. With this in mind, we suggested that the finials be switched to the safer ball top design as these would not cause the dog any harm which the customer was delighted with.

As shown in the photograph below, once the gate and post had been installed, we think the results look great and the addition of the ball top finials was well worth the additional cost.

Royale Talisman side gate with ball top finials

Do you need a heavy-duty metal gate to keep your dog in the garden?

If you are having issues with your dog constantly escaping from the garden and need to find an effective means of keeping it secure, please feel free to get in touch with us today for help and advice. We have many gates for sale within our online store and can also change some of the decorative elements to suit individual requirements for very little additional cost.

Alternatively, to find learn more about previous customer projects look at the rest of our case studies for design inspiration or simply to see some of the stunning end results customer have been able to achieve.

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