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Royale Ascot Wrought Iron Style Estate Gates

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Royale Ascot Wrought Iron Style Estate Gates

The Royale Ascot Wrought Iron Style Estate Gates are suitable for any residential driveway. They are built from high-quality solid steel components to ensure excellent levels of strength and stability and, as such, will improve security at the main vehicle access point of your property.

Please allow approximately 4 - 5 weeks lead time for delivery of this product.

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The Royale Ascot Wrought Iron Style Estate Gates are part of our premium range of products that have been specifically designed to create a strong, secure and imposing statement to your driveway. These superb value double metal gates are available to buy online in a choice of sizes and are suitable for numerous domestic applications where additional privacy and security will benefit the property owner. The Royale Asoct is handmade in the UK, has a solid steel structure and incorporates numerous eye-catching elements such as fleur-de-lys finials and decorative metal cages for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The framework consists of 40mm x 30mm flat bar solid steel hanging stiles, 40mm x 20mm closing stiles, 40mm x 10mm cross rails and 16mm round metal infill bars. These elements combine to produce strength and durability, protecting your property from trespassers, criminals and unwanted visitors. Suitable for DIY installation onto various surfaces, including exiting masonry, metal posts or any other appropriate structure, each pair of gates includes adjustable hinges, a latch mechanism and an in-ground drop bolt. 

Royale Ascot 6ft High Double Metal Estate Gates Specification

  • Heavy-duty wrought iron style construction creates an imposing appearance.

  • Handmade in the UK to industry-leading standards using high-grade solid steel components.

  • The framework consists of 40mm x 30mm hanging stiles, 40mm x 20mm closing stiles, 40mm x 10mm cross rails and 16mm infill bars.

  • A double row of fleur-de-lys finials provides added security.

  • The bottom section includes dog bars with reduced-size gaps designed to keep your pets safe.

  • This product includes 4 x surface-mounted adjustable hinges, a latch mechansim (which you can secure with a padlock) and an in-ground drop bolt.

  • The steel surfaces have a black primer applied during production. You must paint the gates before you install them to prevent rust and corrosion.

  • Suitable for automation (you may need to modify some framework elements to suit the automation kit utilised).


Height (once installed)

  • 1830mm (6ft) + finials



Ordering Sizes

  • Width (Fits Opening): Please use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to specify your required size. The dimensions shown reflect the opening size into which your gates will fit. No further calculations are needed because the space required for both hinges and the latch has already been incorporated into these measurements.

  • Height (once installed): This dimension includes a 50mm tolerance for ground clearance. It is measured vertically, from the ground to the top of the horizontal framework. We have not included the finials attached to the top of the frame when calculating this measurement.

View the double gates measuring guide

Example Ordering Size

You must select "fits opening 3660mm" from the drop-down menu if the distance between your brickwork, posts, or other existing support structure is 3660mm.

Do You Need to Include Metal Posts?

If you must include metal posts, remember that these elements will require additional space. 

Example: If the size option "fits opening 3660mm" is selected, and you add two metal posts measuring 150mm each, the total required space will increase to 3960mm.



Do you Need Additional Help & Support Before Ordering Online?

Feel free to review our FAQs, buying guide, measuring guide, and installation guide. Moreover, if you can't find the right size to suit your needs, we provide a made-to-measure service to guarantee a flawless fit. Alternatively, please complete our enquiry form if you have any queries about this product.

Read about our made to measure service here

You may also read the pages below if you're looking for broad supplemental material.



Important Information About the Royale Ascot Estate Gates 

Fittings: Hardware for the Royale Ascot design is included as standard, making installation simple. All gates come with a single latch fitting, four surface-mounted adjustable hinges, and an in-ground drop bolt. We do not provide the necessary fixings to fasten the hinges to your support structure.

Posts: To maintain the stability of the gates, any in-ground posts used must be sunk into the ground to the appropriate depth and be anchored in place using concrete. 

Installation: Only masonry that can support the added weight of the gates may be used if the hinges are to be attached directly to existing brickwork. Please consult the installation instructions if you require any more information.

Width: The opening width needed between your posts or walls is indicated in the menu under "fits opening". This measurement does not depict the physical width of the gates. We recommend reading our page on "how to choose the right size" if you are confused.

Painting: A black primed undercoat will be applied when the Royale Ascot wrought iron style estate gates are delivered. You must paint all the steel surfaces before installation to stop rust and corrosion from appearing. If you want to upgrade to a low-maintenance electro-galvanised (zinc-plated) and black powder-coated paint finish, please contact us before completing your order.

Metal Estate Gates Measuring Diagram


Adjustable double estate gate hinge fitting guide


Read the measuring guide if you need help with ordering sizes

You will need to order metal posts for installation locations that do not have brick pillars, walls, or other support structures. Where required, we can offer the following options.

  • Metal Posts

  • Zinc-plated (electro-galvanised) and black powder-coated paint finish

  • Heavy-duty mortise lock with key (replaces the standard sliding latch)

  • Lockable drop bolts (used with mortise lock)

To discuss the options available or get a price, email