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Enhancing Security with Derbyshire Wooden Driveway Gates and Oak Posts in Staffordshire

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Enhancing Security with Derbyshire Wooden Driveway Gates and Oak Posts in Staffordshire

In today's housing market, homeowners are constantly looking for affordable ways to improve their property. One effective solution is the installation of wooden driveway gates and oak posts. Here, this case study demonstrates such an example.

Customer Requirement

A homeowner in Staffordshire was searching for a sturdy gate to protect their property and after carrying out research online contacted Garden Gates Direct, to see how we could help. Their only real requirements were that they wanted the gates to be made from timber so they would be sympathetic to the surrounding landscape and required wooden posts because no existing support structure was present.

Consultation & Proposal

After consultation with our sales staff, the homeowner found the 4ft high Derbyshire Wooden Driveway Gates to be a particularly attractive and suitable options thanks to it timeless appearance and heavy-duty construction. Furthermore, the availability of oak gate posts caught the homeowner's attention. After further discussion about the size required, they proceeded to place an order online.

Installation Process

Upon the arrival of the products, the homeowner engaged the services of a professional contractor experienced in gate installation. The installation process was hassle-free, as the gates and oak posts were designed to be easily mounted and secured.

End Result

As you can see from the photograph, by installing these double gates, the driveway is now far more secure. Furthermore, the design features of the Derbyshire have provided added visual appeal to an otherwise plain driveway entrance

Derbyshire wooden driveway gates and oak posts

What We Think About this Project

As demonstrated, by installing a pair of wooden driveway gates together with oak posts, it has created a great blend of aesthetic appeal and security. This case study exemplifies how these products, when provided by a trusted supplier like Garden Gates Direct, can elevate your property's kerb appeal while ensuring peace of mind for homeowners.

Feedback from the Customer

The customer is very happy with the quality of the products purchased. They found the online ordering process to be very convenient and user-friendly. They especially liked the ability to specify the desired size and tailor their order to suit their requirements made the whole experience hassle free.

Do You Want to Learn More About the Derbyshire Wooden Gates

If you would like to discover more information about the Derbyshire wooden gate range please refer to the product pages below. Each product is carefully handmade in the UK, features a thick 70mm x 70mm framework, include mortise and tenon joints and are available in a wide selection of sizes. Furthermore, suitable fitting packs and wooden posts are also available within the options and accessories menu.

Please also note that if you cannot find the correct size you need to suit your opening width, we can also supply any of the designs detailed above in a made to measure size to ensure the proper fit to your required application.

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