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Saxon Tall Metal Side Gate

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Saxon Tall Metal Side Gate

The Saxon Metal Side Gate is our best-selling design and will offer privacy and security to your house and garden. It features a sturdy steel framework for increased durability, fleur-de-lys finials and an arch top profile for an attractive overall appearance. The gate has dog bars in the bottom half, which are included to help keep small pets safe inside the garden and not escape onto the street. 

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Metal Post:

The Saxon Metal Side Gate has been carefully manufactured to a high specification, thus adding an attractive, traditional appeal to any pedestrian entrance. The layout has been conceived to blend with homeowners' existing garden designs and will complement most architectural styles and properties. It features a double row of fleur-de-lys finials, giving it an impressive appearance that complements the sturdy construction of its welded steel framework. Furthermore, if you have pets, it features dog bars that prevent animals from escaping and protects your property from unwanted intruders. It is built with 25mm x 10mm metal frames and 12mm diameter round metal infill bars with a zinc-plated and black powder-coated paint finish applied during manufacture. The fittings include surface-mounted adjustable hinges and a tip latch mechanism enabling easy DIY installation onto various surfaces, including external wooden, steel and tiled walls, concrete block, rendered walls or columns and posts. 

Saxon Wrought Iron Style Side Gate Specification

  • A practical, attractive and secure gate available in a range of sizes.

  • Constructed to a high standard using quality materials to ensure strength and stability., 

  • Beautiful fleur-de-lys finials and a shallow arch profile will complement your garden design. 

  • This product includes adjustable hinges and a universal latch fitting which can be secured using a padlock. 

  • Features 25mm x 10mm solid steel frames and 12mm solid infill bars. 

  • Suitable for hanging left or right-handed. 

  • The zinc-plated and powder-coated black paint finish is low-maintenance for a sophisticated look that lasts.


Physical Height

  • The width option that "Fits Opening" 762mm (2ft 6") has a Physical Height of 1943mm

  • The width option that "Fits Opening" 914mm (3ft) has a Physical Height of 1964mm

  • The width option that "Fits Opening" 1067mm (3ft 6") has a Physical Height of 1976mm

  • The width option that "Fits Opening" 1220mm (4ft) has a Physical Height of 1990mm



Ordering Sizes

  • Width (Fits Opening): This measurement is the opening size you will need between brickwork or existing posts for the gate to fit. We have already factored in the space required for the hinges and latch within these dimensions. You do not need to make any adjustments for these elements.

  • Physical Height: This dimension is from the underside of the framework and the highest finial. It does not include the additional space required for ground clearance.

Go to the measuring guide if you need help with ordering sizes

Example Ordering Size

If the gap between existing walls or columns is 914mm (3ft), then you must order a gate to "fit an opening of 914mm (3ft)".

Are Metal Posts Required?

You must add metal posts if you need to install a gate without a hinge and latch support. However, be mindful that they will take up more space.

Example: A gate to fit an opening of 914mm coupled with 2 x 70mm posts will require an overall width of 1054mm. 



Do You Need More Information?

We understand that every client has specific requirements and needs. We, therefore, welcome questions via our enquiry form and tailor our response to each query. Alternatively, we provide lots of support and guidance within the measuring guide, FAQs, installation guide and buying guide pages.

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Important Information Relating to the Saxon Tall Metal Side Gate

Fittings: Each gate comes with a latch fitting and a set of surface-mounted hinges so that you can install them quickly and easily. You must purchase the latch receiver plate and hinge bracket mounting screws separately.

Metal Posts: You must only use suitable sizes of metal posts for support. They must be set to the correct depth and be supported using concrete. 

Installation: You should only attach the hinges and latch onto pre-existing masonry (or other support), provided it can adequately handle the gate's weight. Please read the installation instructions for additional information.

Width: The "fits opening" dimensions in the menu include the space required for the hinges and latch. It does not refer to the physical width of the gate. If you are having trouble deciding the right width for your entrance, please read our "how to select the right size" article.

Painting: With a low-maintenance, zinc-plated and black powder-coated paint finish, the Saxon metal side gate is ready for installation without additional preparation.

discover information about how to measure the opening so you order the correct size


Adjustable hinges and latch fitting diagram



Universal metal post fitting guide



View the measuring guide

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