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Saxon Arched Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Railings

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Saxon Arched Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Railings

The Saxon Arched Metal Railings provide a striking statement to any boundary wall with their traditional wrought iron style design. They have fleur-de-lys finials and are well-built with a sturdy steel structure for an impressive appearance at a reasonable cost. They benefit from low maintenance zinc plated and black powder-coated paint treatment to protect against rust and corrosion, thus ensuring robustness against the weather and providing outstanding value for the money.

The Saxon Arched Metal Railings will make a stunning addition to any residential location. It features an attractive arch top profile and solid steel construction. It includes a single row of wrought iron style fleur-de-lys finials for a traditional appearance making it suitable for many applications, including front, rear and side boundary walls. This great-value railing design is a sensible option for the design-conscious homeowner looking to provide additional privacy and security to their property. Due to low maintenance, zinc-plated and black powder-coated paint finish will require very little maintenance.

Saxon Wrought Iron Style Shaped Railings - Perfect for any Garden

  • Stunning fleur-de-lys finials create an imposing appearance. 

  • The timeless arched profile is well suited to any residential location.

  • This product is constructed from high-strength steel using 25mm x 10mm frames and 12mm diameter infill bars.

  • Includes 4 x surface-mounted fitting brackets to enable easy installation on various surfaces.

  • Zinc plated (electro-galvanised) to protect against rust and corrosion.

  • Powder-coated black paint finish.


Fits Opening

  • 1830mm (6ft)


 Physical Height

  • 660mm (highest finial in the centre)

  • 490mm (lowest finial at each side)

  • 360mm (side frame height)



Ordering Sizes

  • Width: The measurement labelled "fits opening" denotes the size of the gap that must exist between two pillars or posts. There is no need for additional calculations because this measurement already accounts for the space required for the mounting brackets.

  • Physical Height: These measurements represent the actual height of the railing at varying points. It is measured vertically from the bottom of the horizontal framework. It doesn't consider any ground clearance you may need to leave.

Review the railing measuring guide

Do You Need to Combine Bolt-Down Metal Posts?

If brick pillars are not present, we recommend using bolt-down metal posts.

Ordering Example (when using posts)

  • 1 x railing and 2 x 50mm metal posts will take up a total space of 1930mm.

  • 2 x railings and 3 x 50mm metal posts will require an overall space of 3810mm.

  • 3 x railings and 4 x 50mm metal posts require an overall span of 5690mm.



Which Post Type?

If you need to purchase bolt-down posts, we recommend the following products:



Are you Looking for Further Assistance and Guidance?

To better serve you, we have a lot of information on our website. Check out our FAQs page or the measuring guide if you have any questions. If you still need help, consult the buying guide for general information or submit an inquiry using the contact form.

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Our website also contains plenty of helpful articles if you need more info. Some of our most well-liked categories are listed below.



Essential Information About the Saxon Arched Metal Railing

Fittings: We include a fitting kit with each purchase for a railing. Along with nuts and bolts, it contains four surface-mounted brackets. We do not provide the screws you need to secure the brackets to your posts or brickwork.

Metal Posts: When utilising metal posts, make sure the wall is thick enough to accommodate the post's bolt-down plate.

Width: The "fits opening" measurement refers to the required aperture size between posts or pillars. It does not reflect the actual physical width of the product. If you're still unsure, we suggest you read the measuring guide to appreciate this fully.

Painting: The railings are electro-galvanised (zinc-plated) and powder-coated for increased rust protection. The black powder coating shields against the weather and eliminates the need for additional painting before installation.

Saxon arched railings measuring guide

Saxon arched railings installation drawing

Bolt down metal post fitting diagram

If you need to order metal posts to install your railings, please choose from the options detailed below.