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Balmoral Wrought Iron Style Side Gate

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Balmoral Wrought Iron Style Side Gate

The Balmoral Wrought Iron Style Side Gate is our most robust design, providing immediate security and privacy to any pedestrian access around your home and garden. It is handcrafted in the United Kingdom and has a welded solid steel framework, a majestic arch top, and a double row of spear-shaped finials for a more intimidating appearance. Additionally, dog bars and circular metal rings are incorporated in the bottom half of the gate to compliment the aesthetic, making it a simply outstanding overall design.

Please allow approximately 4 - 5 weeks lead time for delivery of this product.

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The Balmoral Wrought Iron Style Side Gate is the ultimate heavy-duty security barrier, making it extremely difficult for intruders to enter your property. It is handcrafted in the United Kingdom using premium quality materials for maximum strength and rigidity and lasts for years. The double row of spear-shaped finials and circular scrolls provide a mind-blowing aesthetic and make this gate a true classic! The 40mm x 10mm welded framework incorporates an additional height arch top. At the same time, the 16mm solid steel infill bars resist flexing. The bottom portion includes dog bars with a reduced spacing making it an excellent option for homeowners seeking to prevent pets from escaping onto the road. Suitable for many residential applications, the Balmoral design is available in a choice of sizes to suit a selection of entrances. It has a primed black undercoat applied during manufacture. It is ready to be painted to the colour of your choice before installation. A component fitting pack is included with the gate, which features surface-mounted adjustable hinges and a latch mechanism which you can quickly secure with a padlock.

Balmoral Wrought Iron Style Metal Side Gate Specification

  • Stylish and practical, the Balmoral is a high-quality wrought iron side gate with an improved design.

  • The gate is ideal for any home and garden entrance. 

  • The traditional arch top improves security and aesthetics. 

  • Components include 40mm x 10mm solid metal frames and 16mm infill bars.

  • Suitable for left-hand hanging only (as viewed from the roadside).

  • This product includes easy-to-install surface-mounted adjustable hinges and a latch mechanism which you can secure with a padlock.

  • The Balmoral design has a black undercoat primer applied during manufacture. Finishing it with exterior grade paint before installation to control rust and corrosion of the steel is required. It helps ensure that your home looks beautiful for years to come.


Physical Height

  • 1905mm (75")



Ordering Sizes

  • Width (Fits Opening): This is the size of the opening required between brickwork, posts or other support structure. We have already accounted for the space necessary for the hinges and latch within these measurements. You do not need to make any adjustments for these elements. 

  • Physical Height: This dimension refers to the actual height of the product. It is measured from the underside of the gate to the highest point without including the increased space required for ground clearance.

Need help with ordering sizes? Refer to the measuring guide for more information

Example Ordering Size

If the space between your walls or posts measures 991mm, you must select a gate fabricated to "fit an opening of 991mm."

Are Metal Posts Required?

Metal posts are required to support your gate if there are no hinge or latch supports (such as existing brickwork). If you purchase these items, recognise that they will take up additional space.

Example: A gate to "fit an opening of 991mm" combined with 2 x 70mm posts will need an overall width of 1131mm. 



Are You Confused About Ordering?

We take great pride in delivering a tailored service to your specific requirements. Please feel free to contact us through the enquiry form, and we will explore the best options for you. Alternatively, we also have a detailed measuring guide, FAQs, installation guide, and buying guide, which covers many issues in detail.

We have made to measure sizes available - Click here for more information

If you want further technical help, we encourage you to see the below-mentioned pages.



Helpful Facts About the Balmoral Wrought Iron Style Side Gate

Fittings: Easy to install, this gate meets the demands of most residential environments. It includes a latch fitting and a set of surface-mounted hinges so they can be mounted fast and efficiently. You must buy the mounting screws to attach the fittings to brickwork or posts, as these items are not included in the fitting pack.

Metal Posts: These items are essential when planning your garden project. If required, you need to ensure that the style and size of the post are suitable for your project and that you will do all the excavation properly before placing concrete or mortar in the ground. Metal posts must be set into the ground at an appropriate depth with concrete to ensure a more secure installation.

Installation: You must understand that correctly installing your gate is critical. Please make sure that the structure it is attached to can support its weight and seek professional advice if you are unsure. Please also refer to the installation instructions for further information about fitting the gate.

Width: When selecting the width, the most important measurement to consider is the "fits opening" measurement because this choice determines whether or not your gate will work for your space. Please note that the menu sizes refer to the opening dimensions the gate will fit into, which already includes the space needed for the hinges and latch. It does not indicate the physical width of the product. Please read "How to Select the Right Size" if you do not understand this.

Painting: We recommend painting your side gate with tough, corrosion-resistant paint before installation. This will extend the lifespan by protecting the steel from rust and corrosion. As an alternative, we offer a zinc-plated and black powder-coated paint treatment for an additional fee.

See how to measure the opening



Go to the measuring guide for help with ordering sizes

To enhance this high security side gate we are able to offer the following additional items.

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