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Windermere Hardwood Garden Gate | Bow Top

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Windermere Hardwood Garden Gate | Bow Top

The Windermere Hardwood Garden Gate is handmade in the UK to an industry-leading standard and will make a practical and stylish addition to any property where additional privacy and security are required. Available in Igigbo, Iroko, or Oak, the gate has a robust construction that includes a mortise-and-tenon jointed framework and bracing on the rear to provide added stability. Supplied in made-to-measure sizes, the Windermere design benefits from a traditional bow top arch, and solid infill boards are available in several configurations.

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Designed to provide an exceptional level of aesthetic appeal, the Windermere Hardwood Garden Gate is simply magnificent. Suitable for a wide range of modern and traditional property types, this premium quality gate design can be made in Iroko, Oak or Idigbo timbers to suit your preferred style and available budget. Constructed in the UK to an industry-leading standard, it features a bow top arch, robust framework with mortise and tenon joints, diagonal rear bracing and solid infill boards, which you can specify to be mounted vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The gate is available in made-to-measure sizes and will make an excellent addition to any pedestrian entrance that needs added security but cannot be compromised in terms of its aesthetic appeal.

The Windermere Hardwood Gate is Handmade in a Specification to Suit You

You can easily create a unique gate design by taking advantage of the tailor made options shown below:

  • Idigbo, Iroko or Oak hardwood

  • Made to measure sizes

  • Horns in a choice of styles (standard rounded, no horn, inverted, bubble)

  • Choice of bottom rail (none, small or large)

  • Boarding and cladding in a variety of configurations (vertical, diagonal, or horizontal)

  • Selection of compatible gate furniture (hinges, latches, locks, etc).

  • Posts are available in Spruce, air-dried Oak or air-dried Iroko

  • Finishing touches can include a black letterbox and personalised engraving.



Specify Your Gate Options & Design Configurations

Gate options and design configurations


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