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Salisbury Wooden Garden Gate Provides Increased Privacy and Security | Case Study

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Salisbury Wooden Garden Gate Provides Increased Privacy and Security

In this case study we look at the benefits of installing a wooden garden gate from the perspective of providing increased security and aesthetic appeal. We will highlight the steps required when choosing an appropriate material and design and go onto look at the installation techniques utilised.

Project Overview

Located in the countryside, the owner of this property wanted to enhance the visual appeal of a side entrance onto the driveway whilst achieving an improved level of privacy and security. Prior to making contact, the customer had already decided to install a wooden garden gate, (because they felt it to be the most appropriate material that would complement the overall style of the property). However, they also understood the importance of proper planning therefore sought further assistance to guide them through the ordering process and the finer details of the project.

Salisbury wooden garden gates design

Customers Main Objectives

The main customer requirements for installing a new wooden garden gate were as follows:

  • It must prevent unauthorized access to the garden and driveway so that the space would become more private and secure.

  • The overall gate design should be in keeping with the surrounding environment to maintain a degree of aesthetic appeal.

  • Due to the secluded nature of the property, the gate must provide an effective physical security barrier to deter intruders.

  • As regularly used entrance, it must not restrict access to the property owners therefore it is essential that the gate is easy to open and close.

  • The customer did not want to stain or paint the gate and only wanted to complete the minimal amounts of maintenance.

Choosing an Appropriate Material and Design to Meet the Customer Requirements

To meet customer's objectives, the following factors had to be considered:

  • Type of Wood: Because the property owner wanted to carry out minimal amounts of maintenance and did not want to stain or paint the wood, the most viable option available to them was to opt for a gate with a pressure-treated construction. This type of timber is a great choice because the chemical preservatives impregnated into the wood during the treatment process protects against rot and decay.

  • Style and design: When choosing a gate design, it's important to factor in the property style, the surrounding environment and the customers tastes and available budget. Having been provided with this information it was felt that a framed gate with a heavy-duty construction would make an excellent choice for this location.

Customers Gate Choice

After taking into consideration the factors detailed above, the customer decided that the Salisbury wooden garden gate would meet their needs in terms of security and aesthetic appeal. The main deciding factors were the ability to upgrade to pressure treated timber, the 70mm thick framework, the mortise and tenon jointed construction and the inclusion of a decorative metal infill panel which they felt perfectly complement the entrance.

Salisbury wooden gate

Positive Outcomes

Now that the customer has installed the gate, their feedback is of the following benefits:

  1. The provision of this wooden garden gate has helped to create a secluded space as the entrance is now better shielded from neighbouring properties and passersby.

  2. Thanks to the robust construction, the gate feels extremely solid and well built and has given us a higher degree of confidence that the opening is now well secured.

  3. Although the entrance is now well secured, it has not made access and egress and more difficult. Thanks to the simplistic design of the latch, the gate can be easily opened and closed to suit our needs.

Are you looking for a Wooden Gate to Secure your Property?

If you want to improve security for your pedestrian or driveway entrance, or if your property has a similar layout, browse through the products in the Salisbury collection available online. Alternatively, you can contact us through our enquiry form, and we'll be happy to assist you with exploring your options.

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