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Case Study - Marlborough Estate Gates Bolster the Security of a Driveway in Kent

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Marlborough Estate Gates Bolster the Security of a Driveway in Kent

Our range of driveway gates have become increasingly popular over the past few years as customers look to improve their home security and enhance the aesthetic appeal of their property. This case study examines the benefits of purchasing and installing new driveway gates.

Client Requirement

Concerned about the rising instances of burglaries in the area, a customer in Maidstone contacted us looking for a reliable, affordable solution to bolster security while improving the overall appearance of their property.

Design and Material

Working closely with the customer, we explored various design options that would align with their preferences and the property's aesthetic. After careful consideration, it was felt that the best option would be the Marlborough 6ft high Wrought Iron Style Estate Gates. These feature decorative scrollwork for elegance and a box section framework for durability and rigidity.

Security Features

To further enhance security and provide ease of access, an integral mortise lock with a handle was included, together with drop bolts that can be secured using a padlock. The additional elements ensured that only authorized individuals could enter the property.

Marlborough Estate Gates with Lock

Customer Benefits 

  • Enhanced Security: The gates now act as a physical barrier, deterring potential intruders and preventing unauthorized access. Furthermore, as the integral lock is secured using a key, this makes access and egress into and out of the property fast and convenient for the customer. 

  • Increased Privacy: The gated entrance now provides ample privacy for the cusomter, shielding the property from the prying eyes of passersby. This allows them to enjoy their outdoor spaces without feeling exposed.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing: The selected Marlborough design has decorative elements that have significantly enhanced the property's curb appeal. 

  • Convenience: The locking mechanism with an integrated handle has made entering and exiting the property effortless. 

  • Property Value: The addition of this well-designed and functional pair of driveway gates has increased the property's value. Should the customer decide to sell in the future, the gates will be an appealing feature to potential buyers.


Installing these driveway gates has proven to be a prudent investment for the customer. By prioritizing security, privacy, and aesthetics, they have not only enhanced the value and appeal of the property but also gained peace of mind. 

Do You Need Help with a Security Gate Project?

At Garden Gates Direct, we can provide technical advice and support for your home security requirements. To find more information about the products and services we offer, feel free to take a look through our comprehensive website or email your questions to

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