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Quorn Wooden Estate Gates

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Quorn Wooden Estate Gates

Quorn wooden estate gates feature a 70mm thick pressure treated timber framework, sturdy diagonal bracing and inset tongue and groove boards to create a strong and secure barrier to the main driveway entrance.

Please allow approximately 4 - 5 weeks lead time for delivery of this product.

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Quorn Wooden Estate Gates are an imposing 1.8m in height and, as a result, will provide excellent levels of security to the driveway entrance. With a traditional appearance, Quorn gates are hand made in the UK using pressure treated Scandinavian Redwood to ensure exceptional protection levels against the elements. With a 70mm thick framework, tongue and groove boards and open pale sections in the top portion of the gates to allow wind to pass through, they are built to last and represent excellent value for money.

Quorn 1.8m High Double Estate Gates

  • Traditional design elements provide a timeless appeal

  • Suitable for many residential applications.

  • Available to order online in a choice of sizes (contact us for made to measure prices)

  • Pressure treated softwood construction

  • 70mm x 70mm mortise and tenon jointed framework

  • 70mm x 74mm and 44mm x 44mm rear bracing adds strength and structural integrity

  • 95mm x 14mm tongue and groove boards recessed to the framework for a flat outside face

  • Suitable for left or right hand hanging

  • Hinges and gate furniture are sold separately


Physical Height

  • 1800mm (71”)



Ordering Sizes

Select the option required from the menu above. The width measurements shown represent the combined physical size of a pair of gates placed side by side. We have made no allowance for the space needed for the hinges, latch or posts

Measuring Guide - Click here for help and advice choosing the correct size gates



Looking for Technical Advice?

Complete our enquiry form or email if you need assistance with any aspect of the purchase. If you need help with ordering sizes please read our measuring guide or if you can`t find the size you need we recommend you take advantage of our made to measure service.

Find out about our made to measure gates by clicking here

Alternatively for other useful information we recommend the following pages.

Hinges and Fittings for Wooden Gates - Click Here



Useful Information About Quorn Wooden Estate Gates

Width Dimensions: The sizes shown in the drop-down box at the top of the page relates to the total physical width of both gates. For clarity, this means that each pair is made up of the following:

  • 2400mm pair = 2 x 1200mm

  • 2700mm pair = 2 x 1350mm

  • 3000mm pair = 2 x 1500mm

  • 3300mm pair = 2 x 1650mm

  • 3600mm pair = 2 x 1800mm

Height Dimension: Measured from the underside of the gates to the highest point. When installing you will need to allow around 50mm (2”) for ground clearance so please make sure this is available prior to placing your order.

Fittings: An appropriate fitting pack containing the hinges, latch and drop bolt can be added to your order by selecting the type required from the options and accessories menu at the top of the page.

Posts: We always recommend using wooden posts when installing the gates. Depending on your layout these can be wall mounted or set into the ground in concrete. For both options the gap formed between the posts should be 40mm wider than the width of the gates you order. This will then allow for the optimal spacing required for the hinges.

Finish: The Quorn wooden gates are constructed from pressure treated softwood and have a smooth planed finish. The treatment process will result the timber has a green tint to it upon delivery which is normal and will weather down over time once exposed to the elements.

Installation: For best results, we only recommend the use of hook and band hinges. These should be mounted to the top and bottom horizontal rails. For a general overview of installation please click here.

How to measure the gates


What size opening will the Quorn Wooden Estate gates fit into?

If you are fitting double gates between existing timber posts (with the hinges fitted on the back face of the gate/post) then we recommend the following space is available.

  • Physical Width of 2400mm = Fits an opening of approximately 2440mm – 2450mm  

  • Physical Width of 2700mm = Fits an opening of approximately 2740mm – 2750mm

  • Physical Width of 3000mm = Fits an opening of approximately 3040mm – 3050mm

  • Physical Width of 3300mm = Fits an opening of approximately 3340mm – 3350mm

  • Physical Width of 3600mm = Fits an opening of approximately 3640mm – 3660mm

NB* sizes are based on the options shown in the drop down menu.

What if i need to add wooden posts? 

If your installation requires wooden posts then you will need to take into account the additional space required. The calculation is worked out in the following way. 

Physical width of gates + width of posts (2 x 100mm is sufficient if using wall mounted posts or 2 x 150mm if freestanding posts are used) + 40/50mm (space needed for hinges, latch and opening tolerances)

Example: a pair of 3000mm gates combined with 2 x 100mm posts will require the existing gap between pillars to be approximately 3240mm-3250mm.

What size hinges and what fittings do i need to complete the installation?

We recommend using 2 x (pairs) 24” hook and band hinges. 1 x ring latch and a minimum of 1 x drop bolt to hold the gate closed will also be required.

Do you need wooden posts or accessories to complete your double wooden gate installation? 

If required we recommend you choose from the following items.

For technical advice about wooden posts, hinges or fittings please contact us prior to ordering and we will be pleased to answer your questions.