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London Aluminium Pedestrian Garden Gate | Diagonal Infill

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London Aluminium Pedestrian Garden Gate | Diagonal Infill

The London Aluminium Pedestrian Gate with diagonal infill panels is a modern-looking gate that can be ordered online in various sizes. It features a low-maintenance powder-coated finish and will make a stunning addition to any property.

Ordering Sizes

Please refer to the table below in the product description before placing an order to establish the precise gap size you will need between your masonry, posts, or other support structure. The drop-down menu's dimensions correspond to the gate's physical width and height. The additional room required for the hinges and locking mechanism must be considered.

Please allow approximately 3 - 4 weeks lead time for delivery of this product.

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The London Aluminium Pedestrian Side Gate is a contemporary interpretation of a classic arrangement. It is constructed of low-maintenance aluminium and has a diagonal infill panel and a horizontal top rail. It will make a bold aesthetic expression for any pedestrian entry. The gate, which has a solid infill panel, gives valuable privacy and security, requires minimal upkeep, and comes in a durable powder-coated paint finish.

London Aluminium Garden Gate Specification

  • The modern design is well suited to most property types.

  • It does not twist or distort.

  • Easy to open and close as it is lighter in weight than steel.

  • Appropriate for the majority of pedestrian gateways.

  • Aluminium is the ideal option for coastal homes or high-saline areas.

  • It comes in a wide variety of widths and heights to buy online.

  • Pre-finished in durable powder-coated paint in either black or anthracite grey options.

  • The London design includes a Euro-cylinder lock and handle as standard.

  • It is simple to instal and includes comprehensive instructions.

  • If necessary, it may be fixed straight to existing masonry or fastened to aluminium posts.



Ordering Sizes

The measurements listed in the drop-down menu correspond to the physical width and height of the gate. The space required for the hinges and locking mechanism has not been accounted for.

Please refer to the table below to find the precise gap size you need.

Opening Size Requirements

Gap size diagram

Physical Width = 900mm (this requires an opening of 930mm between your walls or posts)

Physical Width = 1000mm (this requires an opening of 1030mm between your walls or posts)

Physical Width = 1200mm (this requires an opening of 1230mm between your walls or posts)

Height Dimensions

The wall or posts' height must be a minimum of 100mm above the physical height of the gate you order. This ensures adequate space is available to accommodate the top and bottom hinges.



What is Included with the Gate?

1 x Lock / Handle Set (with keys)

1 x Full Length Lock Keep

2 x Wall Mounted Adjustable Hinges

1 x Floor Mounted Hinge


Are You Ordering Aluminium Posts?

Please be advised that if you need to buy posts to give support, they are blank, allowing you to attach the fittings wherever it best fits your needs. Each post has a base plate to make it easy to mount on existing concrete or other firm surfaces. Alternately, sink the posts in the ground and reinforce them with concrete.


The aluminium posts are constructed from a 3.5mm thick profile to guarantee that they can handle the weight of the gate sufficiently. They come with a black post cap to keep water out and are available in the same colour as the gate (black or anthracite grey).



Confused About Ordering Sizes?

If you are still unsure which width or height is required, or you need more information, you must contact us before purchasing the gate. Ordering an incorrect size will be costly and time-consuming to correct.

Made to measure sizes are available



Installation Instructions

Look at the installation instructions in the pages below to discover how you fit the gate.

How to Install onto Brickwork ►

How to Install onto Posts ►

How to install an aluminium gate to brickwork How to install an aluminium gate to posts



Important Delivery Information

We can only deliver our aluminium gates to mainland England and Wales, and our standard delivery charge will be applied to the basket at the time of ordering. If you live in Scotland, you must contact us before ordering, as an additional charge will be applicable (this will vary according to your postcode).

Colour Chart

Colour chart

Handle and Lockset

Handle and lockset

Component Sizes

Specification drawing