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Devon Arched Wooden Garden Gate - 4ft High

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Devon Arched Wooden Garden Gate - 4ft High

Available to buy online in numerous standard sizes, the Devon 4ft high Timber Gate has a solid and durable construction, features an eye-catching traditional archtop for improved aesthetic appeal and will blend with any outdoor location.

Please allow approximately 4 - 5 weeks lead time for delivery of this product.

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The Devon 4ft high Wooden Garden Gate is stylish and practical. It will suit a variety of residential settings where a cost-effective physical security solution is required. Handmade in the UK to a quality finish, the gate utilises smooth planed Scandinavian tongue and groove boards fixed to horizontal bracing on the back face. A diagonal brace is included on the rear face to prevent the timber from sagging over time for additional strength. Available to buy online in various sizes, the Devon design adds charm and character at an affordable price, making it one of our more popular options.

Devon 4ft High Arched Timber Garden Gate Specification

  • Manufactured in the UK from Scandinavian Redwood.

  • Devon single wooden gates are suitable for any residential entrance that requires additional security.

  • A timeless arch top provides aesthetic appeal.

  • Ledge and braced back face adds strength and rigidity.

  • Constructed with 30mm x 85mm bracing and 15mm x 85mm tongue and groove boards.

  • Designed to be right-hand hanging (as viewed from the front face of the gate).

  • Supplied in a smooth planed, natural finish ready for painting or staining.

  • Hinges and accessories are sold separately.


Physical Gate Height

  • 1220mm (4ft)



Ordering Sizes

Select the item required from the menu above. The dimensions represent the physical width and height of the gate. No allowance has been made for the space required for the hinges, latch, posts or ground clearance.

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Don`t Know What Size Devon Arched Wooden Gate to Order?

Fill out our contact form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. The measuring guidebuying guide, ordering guide, installation guide, and frequently asked questions areas of our online shop also include a wealth of helpful information.

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Useful Information about the Devon Arched 4ft High Wooden Gate

Fittings: Hinges and latch are not included as standard. If these items are required, you will need to order the appropriate fitting pack from the menu above.

Posts: For ease of installation, we recommend the use of timber posts which are available to order above. For wall mounted installations, you will need to attach the posts using suitable fixings (not included). For freestanding installations, the posts will need to be set in concrete to a depth of between 600mm - 900mm. In either instance, the gap formed between the posts should be approximately 20mm wider than the physical width of the gate you order to allow for expansion of the timber.

Finish: This gate is manufactured from untreated softwood. For the best levels of protection against the elements it is essential that all exposed timber is painted or stained prior to installation to prevent the onset or wood rot or decay.

Installation: We recommend the use of hook and band hinges which should be fitted to the top and bottom horizontal bracing. For more information, refer to our installation guide.

Wooden gate measuring diagram

Calculating the Size | Between Brick Walls

Fitting a wooden gate to posts mounted onto brick walls

Calculating the Size | Free Standing Posts 

Fitting a single gate onto wooden posts set into the ground

To complete your gate installation, we recommend the use of the following items.

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