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Windsor Metal Side Gate – Dundee in Scotland - Case Study

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Windsor Metal Side Gate – Dundee in Scotland

We were contacted by a customer located in Scotland looking for a gate that would help protect a pathway around the side of their property. As the building is quite old they were looking for help choosing the right size to order as posts would be required as well.

Client Brief

The main requirement from the gate is that it provides security without compromising on the aesthetic appeal of the property. As such they were looking for a gate design made from medium specification components that feature some kind of ornate additions. Furthermore as their budget was somewhat limited they wanted to ensure a standard gate size would fit even if it meant making alterations to the size of the existing opening.

Garden Gates Direct Proposal

After speaking with the customer it was established that the best course of action would be to look at one of our designs manufactured using box section frames. The are great because the provide high levels of strength and rigidity without significantly increasing the overall weight of the gate.

With this in mind we were able to propose 3 of our standard options called the Corfe, Hampton and Windsor designs and after consideration was made by the customer it was decided that the Windsor wrought iron style metal side gate was the best solution to go for.

Whilst this was not the cheapest design it did have the correct decorative elements compared to the other designs which were felt to be too plain and as you can see from the results in the below photograph we are confident the customer made the right choice.

Client Testimonial

"I am contacting you today to express my thanks for the way you looked after me during the purchase of my Windsor Wrought iron gate. The service was exemplary and the quality of the gate superb! Thank you"

What Garden Gates Direct think about this Project?

We feel that the homeowner has made a wise decision with this purchase. Not only does the gate look superb now it has been installed but the addition of a coat of paint has really sharpened its overall appearance. Furthermore, with the addition of the sliding latch adding a padlock is now simple and as such securing the pathway should now be easy. Lastly, whilst the posts may seem a little large the cost savings over a made to measure size was significant and as such saved the customer money to spend elsewhere.

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