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Case Study - Royale Talisman Bespoke Bi-Folding Driveway Gates for a Rural Property

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Royale Talisman Bespoke Bi-Folding Driveway Gates for a Rural Property

A customer living in a rural property contacted us searching for custom-made wrought iron style bi-folding driveway gates. They informed us that they had a wide opening that needed to be secured and needed a solution that would be both functional and durable while improving the overall appearance of their property.


After evaluating the customer's requirements regarding the opening size, available budget and site constraints, we recommended a bespoke set of Royale Talisman bi-folding driveway gates supported using 6" metal posts sunk into the ground. These gates and posts are part of our heavy-duty range, offer excellent levels of strength and rigidity, and can be custom-made to suit wider openings. Furthermore, the classical design would complement the natural landscape. 

Benefits Achieved

After receiving the delivery, the customer completed a high-quality installation that yielded multiple benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Security and Privacy: The robust design of the gates has dramatically improved the security of the property and has provided peace of mind for the property owner. The opening is now well secured, and access through the quiet entry point into the homeowner paddock has been significantly restricted.

  • Efficient Space Utilization: The bi-folding feature of the gates means a smaller swinging radius is required when opening and closing them and has, therefore, enabled the customer to utilize the limited space more efficiently. 

  • Customized Design and Aesthetics: Feedback from the customer was that the custom bi-fold version of the Royale Talisman driveway gates blends well with the rural aesthetics of the property.

  • Durability and Low Maintenance: The custom made Royale Talisman bi-fold design boasts heavy-duty components and has an upgraded zinc-plated and black powder-coated paint finish, ensuring durability and minimal maintenance.


Even though the property is in a rural location, with the purchase of these gates, the customer has undoubtedly made their property more secure and private. Over time, this investment will significantly benefit them as the gates will dramatically enhance the overall enjoyment of their home.

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