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Case Study | Hampton Box Section Steel Security Gate Safeguards Side Passage

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Hampton Box Section Steel Security Gate Safeguards Side Passage

In this case study, we explore how the installation of a box section steel security gate successfully secured a side passage leading to the back garden of a residential property. We look at the challenges encountered, the solution provided, and the positive outcomes achieved.


The detached residential property had been built close to a retaining wall that formed the boundary of the property and was the only route of access into the garden. Having recently moved into the property, the customer felt that the lack of a gate in situ posed a security risk and consequently wanted to install a security gate to ensure that their home and family remained protected, especially during the night when unauthorized access was most likely to occur.


This project had several potential issues which, whilst not ideal were not something that could not be overcome with a little planning and foresight. Here we detail the main issues:

  • Non-standard width opening: Because the opening was an odd size, a made to measure width would be required.

  • Low boundary wall: Ordinarily when specifying a gate to fit between 2 walls the process is easy because the hinge brackets bolt to one wall and the latch receiver plate will fit to the other. However, because the wall was not of sufficient height to achieve this, another solution would be required.

  • Narrow Opening: Another issue posed was the narrow opening. Due to this, the customer did not want to bolt a post to the face of the wall (which would of picked up the latch) as this would lead to access issues for wheelie bins and items coming into and out of the back garden.


Having listened to the customer requirements and taken on board the individual site constraints, our sales staff were able to recommend the Hampton Metal Side Gate. This was based on the following:

  • Strength and Security: The gate is manufactured from a full welded box section steel framework, includes 16mm round metal infill bars and for extra protection features a double row of fleur de lys finials.

  • Locking: The Hampton design can be manufactured to include a heavy-duty mortise lock with handle. This worthwhile upgrade makes locking the gate simple and straightforward and much more effective than a simple padlock.

  • Made to Measure Size: As already mentioned, as the opening did not fit with an of our standard size options, a bespoke option was needed.

Hampton box section steel security gate in a small passageway

Positive Outcomes

The installation of a high security box section steel pedestrian gate provided the homeowner with 3 main positive benefits:

  1. It has provided a strong visual deterrent against potential burglars and trespassers.

  2. It has introduced an effective physical security barrier that is now difficult to bypass.

  3. It has provided the homeowner with an easy way to access and egress the garden whilst still maintaining a secure passageway.

What we think about this project?

The installation of the box section steel security gate across the entrance to their side passage addressed the homeowner’s security concerns and has achieved the desired result. The Hampton metal side gates strong framework is both durable and rigid and will provide optimal levels of security without compromising on the aesthetic appearance of the customer’s home.

Do you have a vulnerable side passageway leading into the garden that needs securing?

If your property has a similar layout or you would like to enhance the level of security to any pedestrian or driveway entrance, you can take a full look at the products available within the Hampton collection online. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with us today via our enquiry form and we will be on hand to discuss your options

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