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Sevenoaks Hardwood Garden Gate | Flat Spindle Top with X Infill

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Sevenoaks Hardwood Garden Gate | Flat Spindle Top with X Infill

The Sevenoaks Hardwood Garden Gate will make a bold design statement at any pedestrian entrance. This stunning gate design is outstanding in appearance, featuring a unique X-infill section in the lower portion combined with an open pale section with spindles. Handmade to a high standard, it is available in made-to-measure width and height combinations and can be specified in either Oak, Idigbo, or Iroko timber. 

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Featuring a heavy-duty framework, X-infill panel and spindles mounted on the top, the Sevenoaks Hardwood Garden Gate will make an eye-catching design statement in any modern or traditional setting. Carefully produced to a high standard from premium-grade timber, it is available in a wide variety of bespoke width and height configurations to meet the demand of any residential property owner. With a choice of Iroko, Idigbo, and Oak timber and the ability to select from different horn configurations, this stunning garden gate design will become a great asset to any entrance. 

The Sevenoaks Hardwood Gate is Handmade to Your Specification

You can creat a unique style and appearance to the gate by selecting from any of the options and tailor made solutions detailed below:

  • Idigbo, Iroko or Oak hardwood.

  • Made to measure sizes.

  • Horns in a choice of styles (standard rounded, no horn, inverted, bubble).

  • Choice of bottom rail (none, small or large).

  • Boarding and cladding in a variety of configurations (vertical, diagonal, or horizontal).

  • Selection of compatible gate furniture (hinges, latches, locks, etc).

  • Posts are available in Spruce, air-dried Oak or air-dried Iroko.

  • Finishing touches can include a black letterbox and personalised engraving.



Specify Your Gate Options & Design Configurations

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