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Abusive Behaviour Will Not Be Tolerated

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Abusive Behaviour Will Not Be Tolerated

We have recently had a small minority of customers who think that it is acceptable to make threats against us or to undertake in abusive language and behaviour due to the delays we are currently experiencing in the manufacturing process brought about as a result of COVID-19.

We therefore want to make clear our stance on this. As a company we operate a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY to this sort of behaviour and our staff members are not paid to tolerate this kind of abuse. We would not come into your home or workplace and expect you to find this acceptable so why should we?

Under no circumstances are these actions acceptable.

As per the information contained within our terms and conditions, if you display this sort of behaviour any order you have placed with us will be cancelled with immediate effect (without prior warning) regardless of the length of time you have been waiting for delivery and you will be blacklisted from making any further orders with us again.

Thank you for your patience during this difficult time for the manufacturing industry.