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Classic Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Railings

  • Decorative metal railings made in a wrought iron style.
  • Ideal for a range of residential environments.
  • Excellent value for money.
£51.00 *

Court Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Railings

  • Timeless hoop top metal railings will suit any property.
  • Provides added height to boundary walls.
  • Manufactured from solid steel.
£91.00 *

Regent Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Railings

  • Metal railings are manufactured to a high standard.
  • Large decorative scrolls provide added style.
  • Suitable for residential applications.
£68.00 *

Manor Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Railings

  • Timeless ball top metal railings will suit any property.
  • Constructed using high grade steel.
  • Great value for money.
£76.00 *

Saxon Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Railings

  • Metal railings will add height to boundary walls.
  • Manufactured in a wrought iron style.
  • Strong durable and great value for money.
£79.00 *

Abbey Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Railings

  • Attractive metal railings manufactured in a wrought iron style.
  • Provides an enhanced look to any garden location.
  • Easy to install.
£71.00 *
RRP £76.00
You save £5.00

Manor Arched Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Railings

  • Stylish metal railings feature a timeless arch top.
  • Fitted with ball top finials.
  • Suitable for any boundary wall.
£88.00 *

Saxon Arched Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Railings

  • Traditional arched metal railings in a wrought iron style.
  • Exceptional value for money.
  • Fitted with fleur de lys finials.
£90.00 *

Stirling Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Railings

  • Ornate metal railings in a traditional style.
  • Suitable for any residential environment.
  • Manufactured to high standards.
£89.00 *

Balmoral Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Railings

  • Heavy duty wrought iron style railings.
  • Manufactured using high grade solid steel components.
  • Strong and secure construction.
£210.00 *
RRP £220.00
You save £10.00

Balmoral Shaped Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Railings

  • Desirable wrought iron style railings with a curved top.
  • Provides added height without compromising on aesthetics.
  • Great value for money.
£310.00 *
Prices include VAT, excluding delivery

Buy Metal Railings Online in a Choice of High Quality Designs

If you are interested in buying wrought iron style metal railings for your home and garden then you have come to the right place as we have a wide range of railing designs for you to choose from in a style to suit your tastes and at a price to suit your budget.

So whether you like simple and modern design with an uncluttered appearance or prefer the ornate look of a traditional style why not take a look at the metal railings listed for sale online to see what we have to offer you.


Metal Railings fitted to a boundary wall


Why Choose our Wrought Iron Style Garden Railings?

Carefully constructed to a high standard by skilled craftsmen our stunning collection of metal railings for sale within our online shop are second to none in terms of practicality, strength and  aesthetic appeal and are ultimately great value for money making them an excellent investment for any property owner looking to improve the exterior of their home or garden.

Perfect for a variety of applications and locations within most residential environments a set a quality wall top railings will add height to any boundary wall helping to improve security, restrict access to trespassers or simply improve your homes kerb appeal. Alternatively they can also be used in other areas of the garden including decked areas, lawn borders and in some cases can even be used on top of existing wooden fence panels in place of timber trellis.


Wrought iron garden railings fitted  between brick pillars


Our Factory Finished Railings are a Great Choice for the Modern Property Owner

Unless stated otherwise on an individual product page our range of wrought iron style railings are supplied as standard with a black primer undercoat ready to be painted to the colour of your choice and come complete with a simple fitting pack for fast and easy installation.

Furthermore where a fully factory painted finish is your preferred option Garden Gates Direct are also able to offer any of our steel railing design options in a zinc plated (electro galvanised) and powder coated finish which removes the need for you to paint them prior to installation.

To find out more about this service please refer to our paint finishes page or contact us using the enquiry form to get a price.


Need Help Ordering Metal Railings?

If you are unsure what to order, need help with sizes, unsure of the quantity to order or have a question about any other aspect of the order please feel free to get in touch with us now and a friendly and knowledgeable member of staff will be on hand to provide assistance, answer your queries therefore taking the hassle out of the ordering process.


Looking for more details about wrought iron style garden railings?

To make ordering online a simple process Garden Gates Direct have complied lots of useful information pages within our website. We therefore suggest that if you are would like more guidance before placing an order you take a look at the following help and advice pages detailed below.


How much do Metal Railings Cost?

The price of our metal railings will vary according to size, design and finish. The standard options listed for sale online are all designed to fit into a gap of 1830mm (6ft) and have a black primer finish therefore the most economical way of ordering is in this specification. If you need to span a run longer than 6ft this is achievable through the use of metal post (bolted to the top of the wall) as this allows you to connect a number or railing panels together.

Where a shorter than standard length is required customers can either cut the panels to length on site prior to installation (this is not possible with all designs as some of the decorative elements may need to be cut) or we can also offer made to measure sizes to ensure the perfect fit to your requirements without you having the hassle of what size to cut.

Find out more about made to measure railings here >

The other single biggest factor that will affect the price of our metal railings is the specification of the steel used to manufacture each length. With prices starting online from just £51.00 for a basic specification of steel up to £266.00 inc VAT for our heavy duty wrought iron designs we are confident you will find the right option to suit your home and budget in only a couple of clicks.


Ball top metal railings fitted to a low garden wall


Garden Gates Direct – Trusted Suppliers of High Quality Wrought Iron Style Metal Railings throughout the UK

Here at Garden Gates Direct we have lots of experience supplying metal railings for a variety of projects throughout the UK. With excellent levels of product knowledge, friendly and impartial advice and some very competitive prices we have established ourselves as one of the UK`s most trusted suppliers of wrought iron style products at some of the most affordable prices online.

So whether you need a single railing to create a defined boundary between 2 terrace properties, require a complex layout to go around a retaining wall or simply need help finding the right solution to suit your requirements why not get in touch with us now to see how we can help improve your home and garden.



Past Projects

If you would like to see some examples of what some of our previous customers have achieved thanks to the benefit of our help and advice please take a look at a small number our case studies detailed below.


Case Study 1 - Saxon Railings

Description: This project involved the manufacture and supply of 2 x metal side gates (in a bespoke size) and 2 x lengths of Saxon metal railings in a made to measure size along with appropriate length posts and fixings.




Brief: The customer made contact with us stating they wanted to secure a couple of pedestrian entrances into the garden along with a raised bedding area. They were unsure what to order and requested we help them work out what sizes to order.

Solution: Once we had established the size of the gate and railings required we were able to send the customer a simple illustration of our proposal along with a design proposal which they were happy with. Given the architectural style of the property the design chosen was the Saxon. This is because it has an imposing yet timeless appearance coupled with the fact the railings have spikes on top to help prevent trespassers from climbing them.

Total Project Cost: £950.00 inc VAT (supply only in a black primer finish)

What our Client Said: “Prior to contacting you we were struggling for ideas however after speaking with you in detail about the project you really put our mind at ease. Whilst we were a little nervous the measurements we provided would be accurate enough we have to say the end results have really exceeded our expectations. The builder commented how well made they were and how easy they were to install. Thank you for all you efforts once again.”



Case Study 2 – Manor Railings

Description: This project was for a garden area within a London hospital and involved the supply of a variety of Manor (ball top) metal railings in made to measure sizes.




Brief: We were approached by a Landscape Architect to see if we would be interesting in pricing a project they were working on within a charity funded garden at a hospital in Enfield. Although the layout was pretty simple (all railings were to be fitted between new brick pillars) the major requirement was that the design should not have any sharp or pointed features that could injure patients should they fall. Additionally, another concern was the colour. The client was looking for anthracite grey and burgundy to match the existing colours of the plants.

Solution: Once we had worked out all the sizes the customer would require we were able to offer a couple of designs that we felt would fit the client brief. The designs we suggested were the Manor and Court. Both these style feature a simple appearance and would not have the potential to cause injury should someone fall (the manor has ball top finials, the court design has a hoop top).

Total Project Cost: £1295.00 inc VAT (with a zinc plated and powder coated finish)

What our Client Said: “Thank you for your help and advice choosing an option to suit our budget whilst meeting the patients needs. The colours are a perfect match for what we wanted and have really enhanced the space.”



Help & Advice Section

If you need further help and advice with any aspect of our metal railings we recommend that you take a look at some of the information detailed below. We have tried to keep things as simple to understand as possible however if you are unsure of any aspect of the guide please feel free to get in touch with us for more guidance. Simply call us on 0844 804 5577 or email and we will send you a reply as soon as possible.


Wrought iron railings with a curved top fitted to the boundary wall of a garden



Simple to install with a few basic tools our metal railings are ideal for DIY installation, can be fitted to brickwork, timber and metal posts making them a versatile yet effective security deterrent and once installed correctly will require very little on-going maintenance making them a great choice for the modern family.



As previously discussed our metal railings are ideal for lots of applications around the home and garden however some designs are better suited to specific applications that others. For example if you have pets and small children and plan on fitting the railings to a low wall you should dismiss designs with spikes on top as they pose a risk of injury if a pet jumps up or a child falls over. In these situations we recommend you take a look at the Manor, Weston, Verona and Classic designs. Likewise if you are trying to add security and want to stop people climbing over your wall the a more imposing design would be recommended such as the Warwick, Saxon, Corfe or Balmoral railings as these all feature fleur de lys finials or shaped tops .



If you do not know what design to order we often recommend you take inspiration from your homes existing architectural features. It may be a window, front door, decorative fascia board or any other architectural detail. Once this is established simply look on our website for a design that would match or blend with it.

Alternatively if this does not help you come to a decision the draw inspiration from the age of your property.

Modern Home: If your property was built in the last 20 years it will more than likely have limited architectural features that stand out from other properties near-by. As such the best results come when a simple design is selected (any of our designs without decorative scroll work is suitable).

Period Style: Whether you home is Victorian or Georgian it will no doubt have lots of character. As such more ornate designs often work well.

Country Style: If you live in the countryside or have a cottage pretty much any of our designs will work well for you however more often than not the best results come when a simple design is chosen as any overly decorative design will not sit into the landscape very well.



Whilst our metal railings are all constructed from solid steel components it is essential you understand that all items ordered with a black primer will need to be painted prior to installation and will need to be maintained on a regular basis to prevent the formation of rust. If you do not want the hassle or painting we are able to offer fully finished railings at some competitive prices

Based upon the above information we hope you now have a far better understanding of the correct way to choose metal railings. However if you would prefer to contact us for any aspect not covered in the above information please call Garden Gates Direct now on 0844 804 5577 and we will be on hand to listen to your concerns and provide solutions to your problems.


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