Buying Guide

Buying Guide


Here at Garden Gates Direct, we believe that whilst the primary role of a gate, fence or railing is to provide security, it is also important that it looks good too. Picking the right design can add value to your property whilst getting it wrong can leave your home looking out of character and therefore less desirable.

We therefore suggest that when choosing your preferred design you take into account some of the below information to aid you with your decision.



Choosing the Material

A good way of selecting the right material is to look at your neighbours homes to see what they have installed. If one material is used more than the other then your home will probably benefit from the same.

When selecting the material also consider the amount of maintenance that will be required. Remember that timber will need more care than metal so if DIY is not your thing always opt for the latter.




Choosing the Style

Simply stand back from your home and look at the overall architectural style. A property with arched windows or lots of intricate detailing will benefit from traditional gate designs featuring scroll work whereas properties with straighter and cleaner lines will work better with a plain design to mirror the building.




Consider Security

Where a simple physical security barrier is required, heights of 3-4ft are more than adequate. If you need to provide higher levels of security to your driveway or vulnerable access points heights of 6ft and above will offer the most effective levels of security.




Adding Privacy

If one of the mains reasons for fitting a new gate is to add privacy then you should go with a timber design. This is because they have a solid panel that cannot be seen through meaning your home and garden can be screened from the view of adjacent properties and people passing by.